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Sirens In The Night

Random Thoughts Of A Sleepless Mind

Sirens In the Night

Random thought #942

Sirens in the night, bypassing dangers
Trying to turn right, avoiding strangers
They’ll be sharing lives before the night is through
Some ones in a fight, they’re so mature
For drunken dumbarses there is no cure
Something in the booze tells them they’re bulletproof

Sirens in the night, two racing ambos
They are sirens in the night
Up to the moment when they turn up to the show, little do they know
Death is just a mile away, and bodies lying in the way,
And because of the silly fight, their joined together
Black eyes blinding sight, entwined forever
They best remember to to right, those sirens in the night.


Sirens In The Night

Random thought #3429

Geez that passing car was loud
For once it wasn’t some heavy footed hoon.
But it was loud
Maybe I didn’t shut the window
I don’t actually remember doing it.
I can’t really be bothered getting up to do it now either.
Feels a bit cold.
Funny how I didn’t feel cold 2 minutes ago.
I feel cold now.
Oh there is a bit of a breeze too
The blinds are moving.
If I had a candle in here it definitely wouldn’t stay lit.
Hope the breeze doesn’t pick up too much
Really can’t be bothered getting up
Oh Jen’s laying on her side
Ok forget the window,
I’ll just pull the blankets up and hide behind her.

Open Window

Open Window


  1. Sirens is the night is good. Not the usual random thoughts I’ve seen.

    With the cold nights starting here, I will be hiding behind Hubby a lot.

    • Got to admit most of ‘sirens is new, not an actual thought. The first two lines of each verse have been playing in my head for years but not the rest. I don’t know the song well enough to be able to make it all up in my head.

      You are welcome to take our cold nights 🙂

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