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I Love Clumsy Mistakes


I Love Clumsy Mistakes

I did something yesterday that I hadn’t done in a long time. I talked to my wife and got a sensible conversation…only kidding it’s hard to have a sensible conversation when you get ignored all the time. Oops, lucky she never reads my crap.

Ok I’ll start again.

I did something yesterday that I hadn’t done in a long time, so long in fact I can’t remember the last time it happened. I cut my finger with a knife as I was chopping the vegetables for dinner. (and it stings so how about some sympathy? 🙂 )

I cook dinner most nights and in some form, whether it be for myself or others in the house, prepare up to three meals a day and I don’t remember the last time a knife entered my skin. It wasn’t a clumsy mistake it was simple a case of not watching and not paying attention. It may well have gone unnoticed (because my wife was too busy suggesting that from a small cut the zombies were coming to eat our flesh) but I didn’t even say FUCK! That’s a bit of a change for me when an accident like that happens but it also proves to me that it wasn’t a clumsy accident it was a stupid accident because I had time to think before reacting.


During the hours where normal people sleep, between midnight and four am for me last night, and after reading the prompt that came in, I started to think about clumsy accidents. I’m sure we’ve all had them I’m sure we’ve all laughed at them and I’m no different I just don’t remember the last time I cut myself with a knife.

I remember clumsy mistakes like dropping knives whilst walking around the kitchen or doing dishes etc. The kind of clumsy where you look down and see the knife blade resting next to you bare toes. The kind of clumsy where you think after the fact that the one reason it happened was because you just didn’t have your mind on what you were doing. The same thing can probably be said for grabbing hot things without thinking, dropping plates or bowls etc because I was carrying too much or they were stacked awkwardly and I was too busy to consider what might happen.

As a truck driver I’ve had more clumsy mistakes than a reasonable person should have and still be alive. If you’ve read the Midnight Cowboy stories they barely touch the surface of the clumsy mistakes I’ve made on the road. (Even I’m too embarrassed to admit some of them). From minor things like taking out the white market posts on the side of the road whilst having a bit of shut eye, running into trees, whilst having a bit of shut eyes, driving through small towns without realising it, whilst having some shut eyes….there seems to be a connection there but I can’t see it. Then there is the really clumsy non-thinking type mistakes where I’ve delivered to the wrong store, forgotten to go to stores, forgotten to get diesel and even forgotten to set my alarm and wake up before the next delivery is due.


Working on the farm it was clumsy mistakes like tripping in holes, misjudging where the gate post was and hitting it with the tractor, taking a short cut through the mud that left me bogged up to the axles, or the best one forgetting to turn off the electric fence before doing some work on it.

When I read the word clumsy and thought about my clumsy mistakes my first thought was that the clumsiest mistakes are the most embarrassing ones, the ones I probably didn’t want people to see. But upon further thought I actually realised that for me the clumsiest mistakes are best shared. I actually miss being told how much of an idiot I am for making those clumsy mistakes. I miss the smart arse comments like fearing a zombie attack after cutting my finger. And I miss the pregnant pause as someone wonders whether they need to call and ambulance or laugh their head off.

That might be kind of strange for normal people, but I never confessed to be normal.


  1. “there seems to be a connection there but I can’t see it.”
    Love it!

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