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Candles, topless men and beards for the girls


So words do seem to rate better than pictures but apparently girlies still want Tatti-tot, Goosling, and beards.

And I like to keep people happy so here is some Candles.

Here’s the Tatter-tot wishing someone a happy birthday that’s worth 3 points surely?

Channing Tatum
Ok so these pics of the Tatter-tot are pretty much all the same only the words change. That leads me to believe this guy only takes 3 good photos.

Ryan Gosling
Seems Mr Goosling has the same problem as the Tatter-tot, no shirt and very few different words.

Ryan Gosling
A Goose in a suit, still not much to say though.

This is no Tatter-tot or a Goosling but I hear a bit of face fungus maketh the man…a psycho by the look of it. But hey of it’s what the girlies want

Ok now this one is a real treat for the women. My research has led me to believe that Tatter-tot and Gosling are not where it’s all at, the are a good start but apparently one always should come back to hot blokes with beards in kilts
so this one is for you ladies, enjoy!!


Go on like it you know I fulfilled all your requests!!!


  1. I am so glad your goal is to make me (amongst others) laugh! πŸ™‚

  2. ok, I admit I like facial hair, not the long messy type, and the kilt? Maybe on Jamie, who wouldn’t? So where’s your picture?

  3. Sounds a little self serving. There is enough of that around here.

  4. Gotta look after number one πŸ™‚

    But hey I’m all for equal opportunity that’s why I’m prepared to offer the lady folk some wonderful pictures.

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