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Another Clumsy, one I don’t love so much


Ok so I not long ago came up with the kind of clumsy I love.

But I just thought of one type of clumsy I really don’t like.

The clumsy words that come out when I’m angry or frustrated. I’m not talking about the swear words, sometimes a good expletive can make a lot of difference, I’m talking about the way the wrong words come out at the wrong time. I’m talking about how the words come out all jumbled and in the wrong order because the brain wants to say something but the connection between the brain and the mouth fails.

To often these are the words that are taken seriously, the words that are never forgotten instead of exactly what they are, the brain fart that didn’t fully form before escaping.

Isn’t it a pity how it’s usually those you’re closest too, those who know you better than anyone else, often fail to see the difference between the clumsy words of a brain fart and what they know is the truth. Or worst choosing to believe the words of the brain fart simply because it makes it easier to keep the rage alive.

This is why I prefer written words, even if some people forget how to read.


  1. I think sometimes you read my mind!

  2. So hard when people hear what you say instead of what you mean.

  3. ‘clumsy words of a brain fart’ – that’s funny. writing what we feel is truly better than saying unbridled words. we learn anyway.

  4. Well, you have coined a new word – brain fart. Congratulations.

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