Wednesday 12 September

Damn I hate driving down here
Twenty two ks off the main road for ten loaves of bread.
Not only that I have to reverse the truck down a dark driveway,
always avoiding the three cars the moron who owns this place has to park awkwardly.
Go through three roller doors, switch off the alarm and collect seven of the loaves the guy didn’t sell yesterday, avoid the bloody dog and do it all without making enough noise to wake the owner.
Although it’s not entirely his fault the order is so high, sure he rings up and bitches when I cut it but the Rep’s an idiot who doesn’t have to justify what gets returned.
It’s always dark down here, doesn’t appear this backward little place knows what street lights are.
The shop is just up here on the right somewhere
Shit, even with the driving lights on it’s hard to see this place.
There is suppose to be a phone box out the front, that should have a light in it.
Where is the bloody thing?
Oh shit was that it there?
There was no light
Maybe it wasn’t
Holy crap yes it was, I’m in the bloody car park for the boat ramp
Hit the skids!!
Oh Shit!!!
Stop truck, stop truck!
Phew that was close.
Bet no one has ever tried to launch a bread truck into the lake from the boat ramp before.
Don’t know why I tried to be the first!
Guess I better reverse up and go looking for the shop.
That was a bit Clumsy

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

Saturday 31 May

Oh I haven’t heard this song before, I don’t think.
Who did the DJ say it was?
Oh Travis Sinclair.
Wonder if it’s a truck song like so many of his others.

I’ve sat behind the wheel, day after dreary day
Haulin’ this damned rig, up and down the interstate
I always thought there must be more to life than this
And I found out what it was, the night I felt your kiss
I just closed my eyes, and all that I knew
I was falling so deep, into you

This highway to the beach isn’t and interstate but damn I can relate to sitting behind the wheel day after day.
Was a morning I first felt her kiss. Wouldn’t even have mattered if there was morning breath, I was lost before I got that close.
I didn’t close my eyes, I was too busy looking at you.

An’ I feel a rush, it wells up inside
On the edge of a mountain, a free-fallin’ ride
And the deep I get, the higher I feel
I’m running on love, and the rush is unreal

Damn that’s been true ever since the we met.
The only thing that keeps me going night after night is the love I have for you
I didn’t know it was possible to feel this high without assistance.
The rush is better than cruising down Powers Hill in angel gear until the last possible second then trying to get the engine started and the truck slowed down before the hair pin bend at the bottom.

I’ve got a bunch of rowdy mates, I’ve had my share of fun
And I never stopped to think I ever needed anyone
It’s something ’bout your eyes, that draws me in
And the moment that we touch, it’s the softness of your skin
And when I see your face, so beautiful
I just tumble headlong, into you.

Well not a bunch, but I’ve definitely had my fun
But now I want a different kind of fun, the fun that can be had with only you.
Eyes, skin, smile, hair, wit, charm, there is so much to be drawn in by I couldn’t possibly list them all now.
I trip each time I see you, trip over my bottom lip as it hits the ground in astonishment.

An’ I feel a rush, it wells up inside
On the edge of a mountain, a free-fallin’ ride
And the deeper I get, the higher I feel
I’m running on love and the rush is unreal

It’s unreal alright, I’ve never known anything like it. I hope it never changes.
It wont ever change for me

And if heaven on earth truly exists
I’ll never be closer than this

I’m not a religious person but I’m pretty sure my heaven is here with her.

An’ I feel a rush, it wells up inside
On the edge of a mountain, a free-fallin’ ride
And the deeper I get, the higher I feel
I’m running on love and the rush in unreal.

Seriously Travis you’ve written some good trucking songs by did you write this song with me in mind?
I can get over how close this song is to me.
Two things are going to happen because of this song
When I get home this morning and see Jen laying in bed pretending to be asleep, I’m going to gentle wake her and tell her that I’ve found our wedding song.
And in July when we go and see Travis Sinclair in concert I’m going to tell the guy he wrote our wedding song.