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Murder Club Comes Back



Murder Club Comes Back

Original Murder Club starts here

“Get the keys, we’re out of here.” Golly called across the room.

Quitting the game he was playing by throwing the pool cue he was using onto the pool table and scattering the balls around the surface Big Bear headed to the newly installed key rack stuck on the wall behind the big desk.

“’Stang or the Holden?” Big Bear asked before he reached the keys and made a selection.

“Please yourself, we look good in both!” Golly replied.

As Big Bear yanked the keys to the FC Holden off the rack Tickles stirred on the couch. He’d been listening to some tunes through his headphones and hadn’t heard what was going on.

“Have we got another job?” He asked putting his feet on the floor, standing up and stretching.

“Something like that.” Golly answered and he grabbed some paperwork off the desk.

“Where’s Snowflake?” Tickles said looking around the room and only seeing three of the four Boofheads.

Just as he finished the question the door between the house and the Murder Club office swung open and Snowflake walked through carrying a large cache of chocolate blocks and chocolate bars in his arms.

“Hey guys, good news Jen’s restocked the chocolate supply.”

Eye balling the stash of chocolate Big Bear laughed and said, “Just as well we’ve got a job on, when Jen find out you’ve nicked all her chocolate she’s going to be out for blood!”

“Oh are we going out?” Snowflake the added, “Let me just put me booty in the safe so Jen can’t find it.”


Several minutes late the Murder Club were in the FC rumbling down the drive way.

“Left or right?” Big Bear asked from behind the wheel.

“Right, we are only headed into town.” Golly replied.

“Oh a local job?”

“Something like that.” Golly answered playing his cards close to his chest.

They drove for less than five minutes before Golly told Big Bear to pull the car over.

”At the pub?” Big Bear asked.


Big Bear slowed the car down and pulled up in front of the Marksville Pub.

“I thought this was a quality joint and didn’t have crappy singers doing karaoke?” Tickles enquired as the four of the sat in the No Parking zone looking at the pub.

“We’re not here to kick some Karaoke arse.” Golly said looking through his paperwork again.

“What are we here for then?” Snowflake asked whilst munching on some chocolate.

“As much as the Murder Club pays well and was some what entertaining listening too all those bad singers was giving me the shits so I decided it was time to get out of the business.” Golly spoke without emotion and without expression.

“So we are here to get drunk and start out life of luxury?” Tickles asked.

“Wont be no drinking the profits.” Golly spoke proudly.

In unison the remaining Boofheads all said “What?”

“Yep. The owner put the place on the market this morning. We’re here to do an inspection and if we like what we can be bar owners by the end of the week.” Suddenly Golly’s voice went from proud to elated. “Pull the car around the back, Big Bear.”


Big Bear pulled the black car into the vacant car spot that had the words “Management” painted between the lines and went inside to inspect the pub.

After an hour of checking the books, the stock and the inventory the decision was made and the paperwork was signed.

By dinner time the Boofheads were back on the road and headed home.

“So what are we going to call the new Pub?” Snowflake asked still munching on Jen’s chocolate.

Original Sin?” Big Bear said without thinking.

“No Way,” Replied Golly, “I don’t want people to think we like INXS.”

“So maybe we should put it to the public vote?” Tickles said knowing that the public rarely vote when they aren’t forced too.


  1. My vote is to wait for another prompt. We should have something good coming up.

    • Haha I’ve been saying that for a week 🙂

      Tickles is happy to wait, he likes to take things slow and he thinks he’s building the suspense for a new and interesting series of stories.

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