Life In Song:


Mark worked his butt off to try and get back to work before the boss left so he could discuss his departure. He planned of giving his boss the basic run down of his situation, tell him he wanted to get off the shitty night shift hours because spending time, awake time, with Steph was more important that some crappy night shift job that paid well.

Typically his boss was gone before he got back, another crappy night loomed in his mind. He was fully prepared to write his resignation and hand it in but he wanted to leave on a good note and that meant, he hoped, giving the boss the heads up.

Getting in his car and heading home he only hoped his early finish allowed him time to see Steph before she left for work. He wasn’t even three minutes into his trip when the radio took over his mind.

Tiny baby, so naive
I can’t believe what you believe
You were once so happy here
It may not be Eden or summer in Greece
You may not even find the Gold Fleece

Oh baby I hate to admit it you do come across as naive.
You throw up barriers, you throw up silence and you throw up words but you can defend none of them.
Then in the rare times we are alone and you let your defences down and it’s like nothing has ever changed.
If that was our Eden then I wish I could take you there all the time. I know I can, if only you’d let me.

In the drag of this atmosphere
Now I don’t want to bring up a delicate matter
No I’d much rather bribe or flatter you
‘Cause flattery gets me everywhere

Not bringing up the delicate matters is what got us into this shit.
Neither of us are innocent in that, we both ignored each other.
I know you want to talk now, I know you know I want to talk, but we just can’t seem to do it.

It’s not Flattery, once upon a time it was called compliments and they were accepted graciously.
Somewhere along the lines they then turned to flattery and were frowned upon.
Now the same comments, although said the same way, are too often taken as if they were insults and I need to be shot for saying them. Why oh Why?

But you punctured my tires, you crossed all my wires
I brand your acolytes as a pack of liars
And the fire’s singing everywhere
Buckle like a wreck on the cold green sea

Ok that verse may not be suited to the two of us without over analysing it and over analysing things is part of the reason we got into this shit. Over analyse the bad and under analyse the good. We are both guilty of it and both dumber for doing it.

Like you were a ripple in my memory
I lent you some collateral to buy new clothes
It went out the window and up your nose
And that’s the end of the honeymoon

Ok maybe I’m struggling making some of this song work for Me and Steph but for some reason I had this compelling urge to use a song with the word flattery in it.

Yeah we walked down the aisle for another mile
I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles
And you can have all the money soon
You’re so deluxe, you’re so divine

I’ve driven a million miles and I’d drive a million more if it meant I could reach you.
All the money? You don’t need to be given it, what’s mine yours so it’s yours anyway.
You are so divine!

You’re so fifty light years ahead of your time
You’re a riddle, you’re a ripple
You’re the human sacrifice to the goddess of ice
Your hairdo is filled with diamonds and lice

I can’t sing her that, the first thing she’d do is make a comment about me calling her old.
Goddess of Ice? No idea what that is but you have always been a goddess to me.

And you’re hardly off the nipple
Another little glitch in continuity
Like you were a ripple in my memory

Ok that bit is really weird all I have to add is that you’ll never be out of my memory.

Oh shit you’ve already left for work.