Amy reads her note

Ok so I have to admit that telling you I received a note from my mysterious strangers, not revealing it’s contents and then leaving you in suspense for a full week was crappy stunt, but I didn’t do it deliberately, well I kind of did.

In all honesty my intention was to leave it a few days, see what happened post note delivery, and then come back and tell you all what happened. However after the third day I was just being lazy and decided to keep the story to myself a bit longer.

So please excuse my laziness and I shall reveal what was in the note. I promise you it’s not as exciting as a week of suspense would lead it to be.


The note written on a piece of writing paper taken from my collection, folded and left standing on my dinning room table at some ungodly hour of the morning revealed very little and answered even less. Perhaps it was because of how little was revealed that I invoked the code of silence and told you nothing, although it probably had more to do with the fact that I had nothing concrete to tell you.

So why did I have nothing to tell you? Did I have an argument with my strangers? Did we fight? Did the note reveal that one or both of them were escaped sex maniacs from a mental hospital and that I some how turned them sane and they handed themselves back in? No of course not even my luck isn’t that bad!

However my luck also isn’t good enough that they ended up being sex maniacs who demanded they be locked in my closet and only bought out when I wanted to play games either.

So what were they? I don’t know!

See I told you I had nothing concrete. However it’s not from want of trying. I actually spent ages, some might say way to long, analysing he note, reading every word and even looking for hidden meanings. But I got nothing.


You don’t know how much I wanted to tell you that the note was a lovely, well written, heart felt piece of poetry with a wonderfully deep message that had me going weak at the knees. Damn I’d have been happy to tell you that it was a dirty limerick (which given the obvious wit shown by Number Two would probably have been expected), but there was nothing.

And there has been nothing all week!

That’s right every night this week I have slept the entire night through. I haven’t woken up to a flashing clock. I haven’t woken up to weird noises. I haven’t woken up at all, I’ve slept from 10:30pm to 7am every bloody night.

Honestly the only saving grace in the whole situation is that I know I haven’t missed them, they just haven’t turned up.

What’s that? How can I be sure they didn’t show up when I slept through each night? Well I didn’t expect them too, they sort of suggested they wouldn’t. It was in the note. Oh that’s right you haven’t seen the note yet have you. Do you want to? Ok here it is.

Dear Amy,

Please excuse Number Two, he is a moron. If you want to know why I keep turning up each night meet me at the Grand Central Hyatt for dinner seven nights from now at 8pm.

Until then
Warnest Regards
Number One.

P.S. Wear something nice we might go dancing afterwards.


See I told you the revealed very little and answered less. So here I sit at 5pm seven days since the letter was penned wondering if I should go and find something ‘nice’ to wear and continue to play the game or of I should just turn the oven on, wait for it to warm up and then put some frozen fish and chips in there.