Life In Song: My Baby

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Mark wished, he really wished, he could have stayed home with Steph. The cuddle had felt so right and he desperately wanted to stay there but as much as he’d decided to quit his shitty job he couldn’t leave his boss and work mates in the lurch at such short notice. The job sucked and it had pushed him over the borderline but he couldn’t just walk away.

He drove absently along the highway, traffic was light and he was thankful for that, he just hoped he could get through the whole night without falling asleep.

He planned on speaking to the boss when he got back to the depot in the morning, tell the boss of his intention to leave. He needed to be with Steph, he needed to be there for Steph and he needed to be around when Steph was around.

Deep in thought about what he was going to say to the boss and what he was going to do with the rest of his life he barely noticed the song on the radio stating but before he knew it he was sing along.


My baby, my baby
My baby, my baby

She’s My BABY!

I know this little girl she’s quite a picture
I do my very best oh boy to keep her
She’s got what it takes to warm my soul
Maybe it’s because she wears no makeup
Doesn’t think she’s got the legs that shape up
She can’t rock but boy she can roll
I know I got

My baby, my baby

And what a picture she is, that is why I keep one of her close to me at all times.
Warm my soul? When she’s around she warms more than just my soul. I don’t need a heater in winter when she’d around.
She doesn’t need make up, she’s beautiful without it.


She’s all that I need
Hanging around
She’s all I need
She makes my world feel so good to me
We turn on in the most peculiar places
Many people turn with bowed red faces
We don’t care what they say all the same

She can hang around all she likes, I’d never get sick of her
My world is nothing without her of course it feels good, bloody good!
Once upon a time we didn’t care what people thought. I still don’t.
I wonder if that’s part of the problem, she cares about what people think, how people see me and how people see us as a couple.
Maybe I need to stop wearing pink shirts.


I got this little girl she’s quite a picture
Ain’t no one anywhere ever gonna steal her
She has won my heart I love her so

I wont let anyone steal her.
I just hope she doesn’t ever take herself away
Won my heart? She’s stolen it, strangled it and holds every breath I take in her sweet little hands.