Breakthru Queen

Breakthru Queen

“Are you sure you want to do this?” David questioned Jessica as she sat at the desk getting the final touches of her make-up done.

“I have to do something.” Jessica proclaimed. “I don’t know what else to do.”

David stepped back behind the camera man. He immediately began framing the shot, ensuring that the desk and everything around it was where it needed to be. The green screen behind Jessica’s right shoulder was set up and cued and they were going to go live within minutes.

David wasn’t convinced Jessica’s open display was going to be taken the right way, not because they were going live and not because she was female and as such leaving herself open to idiot news media personalities picking on her. His concern rested more on the idea that he wasn’t sure the lead story on the six o’clock news was the place for such expressions.


“You do know you’re risking your job?” David stated. “Honestly I’ll do everything I can to save it but even I have my limitations.”

“David, the job does not concern me. My life does. I have to do this.”

“Hell, you only live once. If you’re prepared to do this I’m not going to stop you.”

In truth David was happy to fulfil Jessica’s request. He’d been growing sick of the bullshit management had been throwing down from the top and he wanted to make changes. What management didn’t know was that David had owned the television studio for more than two years. He’d brought it through a conglomerate of businesses and business men and kept working as a producer while he made the decision on who to keep and who to get rid of.

It was time to put his end game into place. It was time to make his television studio his, not the studio they’d fallen into thanks to bean counters and managers hell bent of fat pay packets and fatter egos. Jessica’s plan, and it was her plan she was not being pushed to make such a public display, was the perfect way to kick start that change. He loved Jessica like a sister and helping her achieve what she wanted was as important as achieving what he wanted.

“Ok we go live in two minutes.” David called as gaffers, boom operators, TA’s and the like all ran around putting the finishing touches to things.

As the final countdown ended and David gave a sweeping hand gesture to indicate they were on air Jessic’s face came into shot and the introduction music played. The show started, as always, with a brief outline of the leading stories before cutting to a shot of Jessica sitting at the desk where she took over the live transmission.

“Good evening, we have all those stories and more tonight, but first we have a breaking story.”


Immediately the green screen behind Jessica showed a picture a blond haired woman with a black painted mask laying on a train track. As the music played the entire studio looked on dumbfounded wondering what was going on, then Jessica broke out and began singing along to the soundtrack. She matched Freddie Mercury with every heart felt word as she looked directly at the camera.

She knew who she was singing to and she hoped he did too and by the time they got to the chorus she was singing with such passion that David suddenly lost all consideration for who else was watching and what they thought.

If I could only reach you
If I could make you smile
If I could only reach you
That would really be a breakthrough, oh yeah

Break through these barriers of pain
Break through to the sunshine from the rain
Make my feelings known towards you
Turn my heart inside and out for you now
Somehow I have to make this final breakthrough
Now, oh yeah

As Jessica and Freddie finished the song and the video clip came to an end, phone calls were being made, threats were being issued and careers were ending.

But two careers and two lives changed forever.