You Drive Me Insane

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Just like the fairy tales none of us believe in when Mark walked into the kitchen singing the Jimmy Barnes classic, I’m Still On Your Side, Steph realised how silly they’d both been.

It wasn’t total forgiveness because Steph still figured she was the one in the right but it was definitely a peaceful truce that both of them could live with. Their relationship had gone through tougher tests than the shit they were currently paddling in and neither was ready to throw anything away, especially not when Mark was still in the wrong.

Another tiring week of work passed them by and although Mark made himself late for work each day they still barely saw each other awake and alert. The entire week was little more than passing greetings and pleasantries as either one headed out the door. But there was no fights and by the time the weekend had arrived both were eager to talk. Over Sunday lunch it happened


He: You’re always in the fridge or on the phone
She: How the hell would you know, you’re never home
He: I go to work to keep this family fed
She: Good try pal, you won’t even get out of bed

“Ok.” Mark thought, “The family comment may be a stretch, but come on, the kick in the guts about not being home and not getting out of bloody bed is a bit rich.”

Truth was Mark been wishing for kids, for a family, for ages but couldn’t bring the topic up while they both worked such shitty hours. He was desperate to keep the conversation peaceful and civil and if Steph continued to bring up such topics he hoped he could hold himself to that promise.


He: I can’t believe you spent that much on shoes
She: Look, I got ’em on sale and you’ll never know the money I save you
He: I s’pose you bought a bag, a dress, and a hat
She: Well you’ve got your race car, wanna talk about that

“Well, if you want to bring it up maybe you’d like to be reminded that the race car has sat in the shed for nearly three years because I don’t have time to track the darn thing.” Mark thought without saying.

The annoying thing about such a comment was that he knew it was a barbed hook that there was no escaping from. The race car may have had both his and Steph’s name on the door but he did all the mechanical work on it and he knew he lost all track of time the second the bonnet was raised.


He: You look so darn cute when you get mad
He: Melt away my troubled heart and you don’t seem so bad
He: When I see that twinkle in your eye
He: Take the phone off the hook and put the kids to bed
He: Forget what we said and Love away the night

“That’s the way Marky boy keep up the smooth play, even with the kid’s line it’s pure gold!” Mark mentally slapped himself for such a corny brain fart and was instantly thankful it didn’t leave his head. He didn’t need such corny statements taking away from the meaningful words.

She: You’re always on the couch watching football
He: Bring me a beer and keep it down will ya,I don’t wanna miss the score
She: Just like you missed our anniversary
He: Well I’m sorry babe, you should’ve reminded me

“Shit where did that come from? What the bloody hell did I say that for? I’ve gotta get this back, I know I stuffed up with the anniversary but I haven’t watched the football for ages. Think Mark. Think Mark.”

He: You drive me insane
He: Babe don’t ever change
He: I like you that way

Mark sat in the uncomfortable dinning table chair, elbows on the table, chin resting in his hands looking directly at Steph through sad but hopeful eyes.