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A new test for the ladies

So I got reliably informed this morning that people are over topless pictures of Channing and Gosling because they just aren’t ‘the thing’ anymore. Apparently the new thing is beards so I’m going to test this supposed ‘reliable’ information and see if its right.

I am getting a little scared where this knowledge could lead me.

Bearded and beautiful?

Bearded and beautiful?

Can't afford a comb?

Can’t afford a comb?

Randy enough?

Randy enough?

Singing Beard

Singing Beard


  1. The last picture is an absurdity.

  2. your information is correct. I totally dig the beard on men anyway. lol

    • Well that’s one unnamed source and you. That’s two for two looks like the pointless, can’t think of anything to post, posts from now on need face fungus.

      What I’m unable to determine is what is good face fungus and what is bad face fungus. And who should be wearing said face fungus, or what should they be wearing.

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