Amy’s story

Strangers in the night and in bed with me

Ok so I left myself in a bit of an unfinished state last time.

I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself I was in a silly mood and I just wanted to entertain my own brain for a few moments rather than worry about everyone else. I assure you the story where I stabbed Number Two, although he really deserved it at the time, was just that, a story. To be totally honest I was a bit frustrated and annoyed with both my strangers and I wanted them to read what I was capable of. At least I think that’s what I’m capable of, I think I’m still in control.

So for those who haven’t been reading this is where I finished off.

Two partially naked strangers, strangers who had been visiting me in my kitchen for the previous few nights, had come into my bed room and laid either side of me in bed.

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Ok so there I was laying in bed, the sheer silk of my nightie the only thing covering my body. Number One was on my left and edging closer, Number Two was on my right and edging closer. I’d tentatively let my fingers explore along the sheet and found out that the only clothing at least one of my two strangers was wearing was underwear.

At the feel of my touch and the quick removal of my out stretched fingers there was a short and quiet giggle from my right hand side. I wasn’t sure I was game to try the same thing on my left hand side.

My brain was screaming at me, telling me to breath, telling me to calm down, but it was also allowing small shock waves and tingles to run throughout my entire body. The feelings and sensations I was having were the sort that I hadn’t had for years and to be honest wasn’t expecting to have again in a hurry.

I could feel skin to skin contact in only four locations. Each stranger was touching my arms and my legs. As much as I desperately wanted that touch to become more I dared not ask for it. Not because I was scared to ask but because I was scared my voice would not work.

It was at that moment I felt movement on the pillow. I had one of those weird pillows that extended the entire width of the bed, a pain to buy pillow slips for but comfortable for some who likes to sleep all over the bed like I often did. It was only a slight movement but I quickly realised that both strangers were moving their heads towards me.


From the first weird encounter with my stranger a few day ago I had been conservative with my descriptions. I know everyone has different tastes and each person sees beauty in different ways but my description still wasn’t entirely fair. In my eyes Number One, and therefore Number Two given that they were identical, were gorgeous. They were built almost perfectly, (refer to the IQ comments in previous episodes for why they lose some points), and the fact that both were now laying next to me nearly naked had nothing to do with my changing description.

So back to those moving heads.

I lay dead still, my brain asking how the hell these two beef cakes managed to move in unison like they do. Time seemed to stand still as the movement across the pillows dragged on until I felt both heads gently rest against my ears.

“What the hell were these two up to?” My brain screamed at me.

Then my brain almost stopped functioning as both beefcakes started to blow a gentle breath down each side of my neck. I was so close to letting out a scream of delight, a scream of pleasure, a scream of ecstasy, but some how I managed to over ride it by clenching my fists and curling my toes.

Odd tactic wasn’t it? But some how it worked and my noises remained mute.

So what happened next I hear you asking?

Well this is the weird thing, the thing that most of you probably wont be expecting.

I fell asleep.

That’s right, I fell asleep.

How many times have you heard a story like mine and the final line is something along the lines of….and then I woke up sweaty and breathless? Probably more than you can count, but instead of doing that I. FELL. ASLEEP!

And of course it will be no surprise to you that when I woke up four hours later my two hunky beefcakes were nowhere to be seen, in fact I couldn’t even tell they’d been in the bed.

Did I attempt to tell you not that long ago that I was in control?