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Wakey Wakey

There is many a website from author and non authors alike who make statements like “sleep with a notebook beside your bed and if you are woken by an idea write it down so you don’t forget it.”
These files, more than fifteen years in the making, are clear proof you SHOULDN’T do such things.

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Random thought #6391

All I want for Christmas is to fall asleep
Dammit I spent all day and half the night running around for the kids Christmas presents and I still cant get a decent nights sleep.
Santa Claus is coming to town
I wonder what time Santa arrives.
Maybe I can say hello.
The kids left him out a beer, the big fat man shouldn’t drink and sleigh. Maybe Daddy should have a beer?
It’s 4am, it’s not beer o’clock
It’s 5’oclock somewhere.
I saw daddy kissing Santa Cause
Oh geez!
Shut up, it’d bad enough singing songs but bastardising them?
I need sleep
The night Santa went crazy
Thanks Weird Al, next I’ll be singing Kevin Bloody Wilson!
Hey Santa Claus yo…SHUTUP!!!
(edited for a PG blog, search for it if you don’t know the dirty little ditty 🙂 )



Random thought #34

Is she pretending to be asleep?
It’s probably too early for improper thoughts.
Don’t be silly it’s never to early for improper thoughts.
Improper actions then
Well maybe there is a time and place for those.
5:30am should be ok shouldn’t it?
Why ask me I’m just you brain.
Aren’t your suppose to be my moral compass, guide me from wrong to right?
Yeah maybe but I’m also a male brain.
So now is a good time?
I never said that.
So now isn’t a good time?
I never said that.
What did you say
I’m not responsible.
Dammit, she looks so sweet just laying there.



Random thought #521

Don’t open your eyes.
You know it’s too early to be awake but not too late to go back to sleep.
Don’t open your eyes
You know there is no chance of getting back to sleep if you open your eyes
Don’t do it.
Ah shit too late
Gee it’s fairly light, must be at least 6:30am, that’s not too bad.
Don’t look at the clock
Don’t look at the
Ah shit too late.
Ah bloody hell this daylight savings is killing me.
What’s that noise?
Ting Ting Ting
Oh it’s birds on the tin roof.
Well they wont catch the worm from up there!
Thump Thump Thump
Oops, that’s not a bird, if it is it’s a bloody big one.
Damn sound like an elephant on the roof.
Do elephants chase birds?
Probably not, might be next doors cat.

Elephant on a hot tine roof

Elephant on a hot tine roof


  1. How long you have been married determines what time it is okay to wake her for romance. First year, anytime is good.

  2. I really like when you do this style of writing with the photos added and all. And the mind of a insomnia laden person like myself concurs- pretty accurate 😉

  3. It has a mind Of its own then is what you’re saying? 😉

  4. Haha well now that would be interesting and a great idea for a write 😉

  5. Neither do i, but he’s a great actor!

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