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Pretend I'm topless

Pretend I'm topless

Ok so it’s not topless but it’s the best I could do while Pretending I care enough write something tonight.

Besides with the number of issues with posts not appearing in readers, or on the prompt pages I think it’s just about the right amount of effort until I find out if things are working.

Pretend I'm topless

Pretend I’m topless


  1. So, you’re having WP troubles – hope they get sorted soon…

    • Thankfully I wasn’t last night but there has been a number of my followers who have been suffering from different problems for the last week or so. Both WP hosted and self hosted sites suffering different issues around getting posts seen. I wont hold my breath for a solution given that a Google search shows similar problems have been occurring for more than 5 years.

  2. lol…like the memememmeme

    I haven’t heard of issues. Where aren’t the posts being seen…or not seen? (and if they are not seen….how do we know they exist? If a tree falls…….)

    • A number of people have told me their posts aren’t appearing in the reader. At first I thought it was only self hosted sites but it’s also WP hosted site. It happened to me last Thursday as well. It’s like they cop a 24 hour ban.

      A few weeks ago it was the prompt that had a similar issue but this week it’s been the reader.

      *in saying that there is a difference between how the reader handles self hosted and WP hosted but that’s not the issue thats been occurring.

      • I guess I hadn’t noticed, but then there are some people, such as yourself, that I seek out. I have seen the daily prompt pingback issues, and I’ve also noted that I’ve not gotten pingbacks that others have done.

        • Pingbacks have been hit and miss for ages. You can easily get your own site to pingback (which is annoying anyway) but I think I’ve seen one pingback work in about 6 weeks.

          Email alerts still work and you can see a user you’ve liked in the ‘my likes’ section of the reader but their new posts don’t pop up in the ‘followed’ section. It can be quiet annoying when you know (or expect) someone to be posting but don’t see their post where you see others posts you read.

  3. I have had some issues when trying to prepare a post. Usually I waited for a bit and try again. Also with comments. Don’t always appear in the reader right away, but usually eventually. Same with prompts. I just thought it was my tech ignorance that was the problem. Just keep pretending.

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