There is a lump in my bed

Continues from here

So where did I finish up last time?

Oh that’s right, I’d just had two mysterious strangers jump into bed with me.

Well to be a little more accurate neither jumped into bed, they kind of just flopped next to me. While I wasn’t uncomfortable neither seemed to have my comfort level in mind as they propped themselves beside me.

I remember mentioning that I was frozen, tense and weirdly excited as the doona moved against my upper body. I remember mentioning that my heart beat was racing and that I could only hear the gentle and measured breaths of my two mysterious strangers.

What else did I mention?

I think that’s the point I stopped wasn’t it?


Yes I stopped at that point to give you all a chance to catch your breath. A chance to decide whether you wanted to remain innocent and not read on, or take the leap into the unknown that could change the rating of this story.

Well having had L.P. look at the weblogs for the day it seems that while many were afraid to leave a comment admitting they followed the unknown path the number who clicked the link to see what was there was quite high. Seems to me to indicate you really do want to know what happened next.

Well with that in mind I now offer you another choice.

To read the version that may forever change the rating of this story click here

To read the innocent version click here.

Authors note: I’ve spent more years writing stories of a horror/killing nature so I do not lay claim to be able to write the path this story could take very well so if you’re not travelling the innocent path don’t expect much. 🙂

Maybe there is a horror version here as well.