There was three in the bed

There was three in the bed…

Dark Stranger

Dark Stranger

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Well hello again, I see you want to remain innocent and pure. That’s a shame because I’m not sure that’s where this is going. Shall we see together?


So there I lay under my big fluffy doona wearing a sleek silky nightie and nothing else, well I was in bed after all. Beside me on either side was a well built, twinkling eyed, long haired stranger, to my left Number One, to my right, Number Two. Both strangers were sitting upright against the headboard, legs crossed on the bed and holding the donna tight against my body giving me little movement. They’d moved slightly closer to me since sitting down but that was their only movement.

I was still more excited than I was scared.

Despite the change of events, or to be more precise the change of locations, from the kitchen to my bedroom, I was still maintaining radio silence. I was not going to pamper these two and I was not going to engage with them given how little they’d decided to share with me during previous visits.

I lay dead still, barely able to move thanks to the beefcake sandwich holding the donna down around my body. My eyes, which only a few minutes ago were heavy and telling me they wanted to close, were now wide open and staring at the ceiling fan.

My brain was running at a mile a minute wondering just what was going to happen next. There was a tingling sensation that started at the top of my spine and rain the entire length of my back. I could remain innocent here and tell you that’s where the tingle stopped but I’d be lying, we all know just how much further it travelled.


With the only light coming from the edges of the window blinds and the digital clock that was still flashing, and the fact that I’d felt neither stranger move which indicated they were looking at me, I thought the smile that was forming on my face would go unnoticed. It was an uncontrollable smile brought on by the tingling sensation, pleasure and anticipation all rolled into one.

“She’s smiling!” I heard Number Two say breaking the silence and giving me enough of a fright to make me twitch slightly under the tightly held doona.

“Maybe she’s enjoying this.” Number One said, again confirming that brains and looks don’t always get handed to the same person.

The most annoying thing about Number One’s comment was that it couldn’t be closer to the truth. I was enjoying it. Feelings I hadn’t know for ages were coming back to me, a tingle that I couldn’t ever remember having before was rippling through me and my heart beat was faster than after finishing my last marathon.

With each of my shoulders exposed by the doona and only covered by the thin shoulder straps of my nightie I didn’t feel cold. However the shiver that jolted through my entire body as each shoulder was touched by a rough skinned palm felt like what I expect electrocution feels like. Unlike the twitch I’d felt only moments before which I was able to keep mostly contained under the donna I could not keep the still at their touch.

My whole body shivered, my whole body wriggled and my whole body tingled. The tightly wrapped doona pulled against the weight of my two strangers and I let out a moan that I didn’t even know was coming until it had escaped.

Laughter came from either side of the bed but there was still no way I was going to say anything, I’d already given away too much through involuntary movements and moans.

Then without warning I felt the doona loosen over my chest as both strangers shuffled themselves off the bed. How they did it I’m unsure but their movements appeared to be so in sync with each other that they were moving as one.

I’d barely registered the fact that both bodies had been removed from the bed beside me when I again felt the doona move. This time it was lifting up.


“Oh my god! What is happening.” My brain screamed at me in excitement.

The next thing I knew two bodies were climbing under the doona with me. There was a cool breeze that wafted over my body as the doona was fluffed up and down on each side of my body. The bed rocked slightly and I rose up and down as the movements from each side of the bed met in the middle where I was laying.

“Breath Amy! BREATH AMY!” My mind repeated.

The two bodies shuffled inch by inch under the donna, this time like me they were laying on their back.

As the doona settled over all three of us the next thing I felt was the touch of bare skin against bare skin and both their muscular arms touched mine.

“How did these two have time to get their shirts off in the micro second they were off the bed?” My brain asked.

The next thing I felt was two legs touch mine, one each side and again both bare and both warm to the touch. As my brain repeated the same question about clothing I reached out with the fingers of my right hand. I wasn’t brave enough to move my arm so with my fingers alone I seeked across the sheets and sure enough that’s when I felt nothing other than underwear.

The feelings I’d had only minutes before were surpassed instantly as tingles, shocks and jolts ruptured through my body leaving me a writhing mess laying between two partially naked twinkle eyed, long hair beefcakes.

Laughter came from both sides of me as I felt both bodies roll over and inch those partially naked bodies closer to me.

It was at that moment……….


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