And then there was two

And then there was two.

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Well hello again. So you want to see something with a bit more blood? Well it’s not my greatest effort but seriously it’s taken me too long to get to this stage to be giving you all my brilliance in three parts 😛


So there I lay under my big fluffy doona wearing a sleek silky nightie and nothing else, well I was in bed after all. Beside me on either side was a well built, twinkling eyed, long haired stranger, to my left Number One, to my right, Number Two. Both strangers were sitting upright against the headboard, legs crossed on the bed and holding the donna tight against my body giving me little movement. They’d moved slightly closer to me since sitting down but that was their only movement.

I was still more excited than I was scared.

“She doesn’t scrub up real bad, even in bed at four in the morning.” I heard Number Two say breaking the silence.

“What the hell?” I thought to myself remaining silent and not talking to either of my good looking strangers.

Number One also remained silent which Number two seemed to take as an indication that he needed to talk.

“I can see why you keep coming back here, she’s got to be at least a six, seven if she takes the nightie off.”

“Dammit,” I thought, “Why are all the good looking guys so stupid?”

To his credit Number One still said nothing. Given the previous conversations I’d had with Number One I still wasn’t prepared to say he was the total package, brains and looks, but he certainly had more working brain cells than his twin.

“Wonder if she’d be up for a threesome?”

“Was this guy serious? Even a moron had to know I was awake, yet this idiot just kept right on talking as if he was the only one in the room with ears.” My mind whispered to me.


I lay still for several seconds as I felt a shuffling on top of the doona. Several seconds after that I felt the donna lift up and two bodies climb into the bed beside me.

My entire body was tingling, well not my entire body, the tingling stopped at some point near my waist, but I wasn’t disappointed by that. Number Two’s attitude and stupid talk still had me annoyed but the suspense of just what these two twinkle eyed strangers had planned was driving me to say and do nothing.

It was then I felt bare skin touch both my arms.

“How the hell did they both get undressed so quickly?” My mind asked.

Before the thought had a chance to settle I felt Number Two roll over on his side. His bare leg came over mine, he shoved his waist towards me.

“Bloody hell he’s naked and shoving himself at me.” My brain screamed. “The moronic shit didn’t even ask.”

It was at that exact moment I felt something touch my left arm and gently move towards my hand. As it reached my fingers I realised Number One was passing me something. Encircling my hand around it I found myself hanging on to a solid round shaft of about four inches.

Without any need for words I knew what was expected of me. I grasped the solid shaft tightly, slowly raised my left hand. At the same time I raised my right hand onto Number Two’s chest.

Then in one quick movement I shoved Number Two onto his back with my right hand and plunged the knife Number One had handed me into the chest of his brother.

How I managed it I don’t know but in one swift, untrained movement I was able to take Number Two’s last breath.

“Thank god for that.” I heard Number One say. “He might have been my brother but he had no idea how to seduce a hot babe!”

Groaning audibly I rolled over, shoved Number One out of bed and wondered if I’d disposed of the right twin.

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  1. killed him with passion…

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