Ok so sometime between 1am and 3am this morning I realised why it was so hard for me to write something for the word Stylish. As I stated last night I could easily throw the word stylish into any post but I didn’t want to. What I didn’t realise until one of those silly sleepless hours was the real reason the word stylish didn’t want to fit into anything, it’s because the word doesn’t fit into me.

I’ve never been a stylish person.

Sure style is subjective and what one person finds stylish will be different to someone else but the idea of being stylish, or in style has just never appealed to me. Quite often I’d actively try not to be in style, even from a young age. While all my mates at school had short hair and wore whatever fashion labels they could (which I did find strange for boys at such a young age) I had hair half way down my back, wore band t-shirts and wore shorts whenever I could.

From my earliest memories I’ve always worn band t-shirts, mostly heavy metal and where possible the sort that my grand mother hated. One such t-shirt was for the band Overkill and their “We don’t care what you say” EP. A t-shirt that mysteriously disappeared when I was living with my grand mother for six months between houses as a twenty four year old, a t-shirt so out of style I was once told by a police officer to turn it inside out if I wanted to wear it in “his” streets. By today’s standards it’s no worse than some other t-shirts out there but it was definitely not stylish. (Google will reveal why it was unacceptable but it had something to do with the picture below and the back print having two words stating with F and Y)



If I could do so I’d wear shorts everyday of the year, in fact when I was driving trucks even though my hours were 10PM to 10AM and the places I went often went into minus temperatures I’d still wear shorts to work. Track pants these days are almost as taboo as an Overkill T-shirt in terms of style, jeans are not something I like wearing but do, and trousers I just hate.

I’ve worn a suit twice in my life, once as best man at my brother’s wedding and once at my own wedding and I couldn’t get the damn jacket off and the top button of the shirt open quick enough. I’ve worn a tie maybe four times in my life and twice I wore the same bright orange tie with the Flying-V guitar on it, because if I had to wear a bloody tie it was going to be a loud and unacceptable (by mother) tie.

These days I do occasionally wear button up shirts but if they don’t have pictures of dragons, tigers, or other such designs I just don’t feel comfortable. I don’t even own a pair of dress shoes any more because I just hate wearing them. In fact shoes are probably the only area of my appearance I do spend money on. I’ve worn Brooks running shoes and basketball boots since I was fourteen and apart from the band t-shirts it’s about the only brand name you’ll see on anything I own.

Tiger Shirt

Tiger Shirt

What is it about being stylish (or stylish as many people see it) that annoys me? I don’t really know. Part of if probably comes from the rebellious teenager who still lives inside me. But a big part of it is that I just don’t feel comfortable dressing up, whether it’s because my mind thinks people are looking at me, whether it’s because the clothes don’t feel right or whether I just prefer to be casual I don’t really know.

However what I do know is that my choice to be comfortable, lazy and casual has annoyed most people in my life at some stage. I don’t lose sleep over it (maybe I should) and it doesn’t often come up in conversation but I do know there is some family occasions I’ve avoided because of the ideas of those involved who insisted on a stylish dress code.
But who is right, those who think I need to dress up more for that special occasion (based on their own ideas of style) or me who doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable, out of place or weird?

Just because others don’t feel the same when they put themselves in that situation does that make me wrong for feeling that way? (if not can someone email my mother and tell her 🙂 )


Should I just grin and bear it? (taking into account that the number of invitations I have to something stylish in the foreseeable future numbers less than one and that number doesn’t look like increasing)

At the end of the day I go for my own comfort, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m not, maybe there is a common ground. I don’t really know what the answer is but I do know I have never been stylish, even talking about the word doesn’t sit right with me so maybe there is no answer.

Now excuse me while I go and find a three piece suit to get dressed in because I have a busy day of blogging ahead!