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Blogging Don’ts: Reposting multiple times



Blogging don’ts part ten:

Reposting the same post multiple times.

Disclaimer: Again, these are only my thoughts and opinions based on my twenty years of web design. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome even if they oppose mine and especially if they are well thought out and not just abusive.

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Ok so since I wont be home tomorrow afternoon (I’ll be under radio Silence 🙂 ) to write up the final instalment I figured I’d do it now while I’m stuck on the new book.

So this instalment related to reposting the same post multiple times, something that happens quite often in the WordPress world.

Sure the idea of blogging is to share your work with others but do your followers and potential followers really need to see the same post, or a post with only slight variations reposted multiple times in one day? Probably not.

One user I saw recently in a tag search for a particular topic had the same post posted eight times over three hours. What’s the point? Who knows but for that person’s followers who use the WordPress reader to see what the sites they like are posting about imagine how annoyed they would be weeding through eight identical posts in three hours of posts.

Sure there is a time and place for reposting SOME posts but not multiple times in the same day.

From my perspective the same goes for reposting other peoples posts. It’s one thing to write your own well thought out and informative post and then link to someone else who shares the same view (with an ‘open in new window’ link 🙂 ) but reposting another blog in it’s entirety and without adding anything to it is not what blogging is about.

Even reblogging another writer’s post and only putting a small selection of their text on your site, whether you add your own thoughts to it or not, is not productive blogging. Firstly because you show a lack of thought and ability to construct your own words and secondly because people click through your site and to the person you are reblogging.

And now I have reached number ten in the what annoys me about your blog series I have run out of things to talk about.

I wonder if there is anything else people want to hear my opinion on? 🙂

I may not be the world’s best of even smartest blogger but maybe there is other things people are confused about with their blog’s design, layout or even operation. If so feel free to ask, it could spawn another series of blogging thoughts and ideas.


  1. Thank you, it was a really useful tip, I never thought of re-blogging posts that I admire in the point of view that you have written, from now on, I will reconsider in adding my point of view over reposts.

    • No worries, like I’ve said these posts are opinions only but the way I see it is that if I have a blog I may as well be the focus of that blog because no one else is going to focus on me 🙂

  2. Good advice. I always wondered how a post that I’ve already read could show up on my reader with 200 likes saying it was published 1 minute ago.

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