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Blogging Don’ts: No Auto Loading

Autoloading is annoying

Autoloading is annoying

Blogging don’ts part nine:

No Auto Anything.

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Disclaimer: Again, these are only my thoughts and opinions based on my twenty years of web design. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome even if they oppose mine and especially if they are well thought out and not just abusive.

Today’s annoying blog feature is similar to part one, pops up. In this case it’s auto loading pop ups like music or videos. This is a simple case of Silence is Golden.

Even in the 90’s when the web was young and adding wav files to your website was a popular feature it was a feature that annoyed more than it pleased. Back then before the days of high speed internet (one day we’ll even get that in Australia) auto loading songs slowed pages down, sometimes it even stopped them as the browsers and internet connection got bogged down with data.

Autoloading is annoying

Autoloading is annoying

But what was even worse was waiting and waiting only to find that the song which was auto loading was a song you really hated. Even if the website was one you wanted to read if it was a song you didn’t want to hear chances are you left the site.

Twenty plus years on and the theory is still the same, nothing drags a viewer away quicker than something they don’t want to see or hear. Bombard them with music, especially music they don’t like and how long do you expect them to hang around an keep reading? Websites may load quicker now thanks to faster internet but that doesn’t mean people really want to load your music without being asked.

Millions of people spent the last twelve months complaining about Microsoft using an annoying pop up to remind people to upgrade their systems to Windows 10, so why do people still do the same thing to their web site viewers? Many people had no idea how to turn that nag alert off, the same thing happens on many websites that use the auto loading feature and leaving the site is the easiest option.

No Auto Loading

No Auto Loading

The easiest solution? If you really want viewers to hear some music, if music or a particular message is really important to your site then give the viewers the option to view it with a link.


  1. Love when I can open the music in another window and continue to read. If the music is something I like, I’ll play it over and over, and even watch the video portion.

    • I used to often play my own music while the computer was on. Having a site load and play their music and mine at the same time used to really annoy me because it was usually a terrible song mixing with my excellent music taste 🙂

  2. I agree with what you’re saying. I like listening to my own music while glued to the computer. And when it so happens that another site or a blog comes up with their own tune – man, this is annoying. Besides, not everyone likes the same style

    • Back in the 90’s when I was designing sites I used to put death metal mp3s on a site of mine and invite people who annoyed me to visit the site. No idea how many did but in my world they all did and I was smiling. 🙂

  3. I don’t like auto playing videos. most of them I don’t want to see the video. News stories are bad about this.

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