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Why can’t I sleep?

Random thoughts of a sleepless mind part 4

Why Can’t I Sleep?

There is many a website from author and non authors alike who make statements like “sleep with a notebook beside your bed and if you are woken by an idea write it down so you don’t forget it.”
These files, more than fifteen years in the making, are clear proof you SHOULDN’T do such things.

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Random thought #1974

12,000 again?
What the hell is the significance of 12,000?
This is the second time that figure has popped into your fat head.
12,000 dollars?
What do I need $12,000 for?
What could I buy for $12,000?
Nothing at all?
Then why has the number come up again?
Oh so now you decide to be silent, nice going brain



Random thought #256

There is a mouse in the house.
So what, that’s no reason to be wake at 4am.
Why did you wake me brain?
Yes I know there is a mouse in the house.
I wonder if I’ll hear the trap go off.
I wonder if he knows that the powder across the door ways is suppose to stop him coming into the bedrooms.
Jen said it works so shut up brain it must work.
Why would a mouse want to come into the bedrooms?
Maybe he’s looking for a nice warm bed.
Yes I remember the silly fact about huntsman spiders and sleeping humans.
No I don’t wonder how many people have had mice crawl over their faces while they sleep.
Yes I do remember reading that mouse traps work better with peanut butter rather than cheese.
Well no, until you suggested it I didn’t worry about whether he could smell the peanut butter sandwich I had before coming to bed on my breath.
Hope he doesn’t chew through any power cables.
It will be a shocking experience if he does! Boom Boom.
Silence and let me go to sleep!

Mouse In The House

Mouse In The House

Random thought #533

I’ve never seen you sleeping as peaceful as you are tonight
Even asleep you seem to shine so bright
I’ve never been so desperate to ask you if you wanted to dance
Even though my two left feet give me very little chance.
You look cute in those Pooh Bear jammies you’re wearing
And the highlights in your hair catch your eyes
I have been blind.

The lady in bed is snoring at me, cheek to cheek
There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me
No place I’d rather be
Than with this beauty by my side
I’ll never forget the way you snore tonight.

What’s that?
A captive audience of one, who is asleep, but was just serenaded too and I still get nothing?
Damn it’s hard to please people these days.


  1. You should have been guarding the bedroom against mice. Powder? Never heard of that. FYI cats are no darn help.

    • In the end the mouse disappeared but the powder trick is apparently because they don’t like crossing it and getting it on their feet. Given the mouse didn’t wake me up I have to say it works perfectly 🙂

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