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Strangers in the night

Dark Stranger

Dark Stranger

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Strangers in the Night

“Oh crap, here we go again.” I thought as I rolled over, opened my eyes and saw the digital clock beside my bed flashing the digits 4:11.

I watched the clock flash until the digits changed to 4:12 then rolled over onto my back. Grabbing the doona, which had slunked it’s way down the bed in my short but welcome slumber, I hiked it up to my chest and let it drop over my body.


The flashing digits of the clock and the splash of light coming through the edges of the blinds from the street lights in front of the house gave the room a weird glow, but one I was getting used to. I could easily make out shapes and items, things I knew to be there, but the light was not enough to make out details. I lay still with my eyes open, my arms crossed on my chest and looked directly at the door to the hallway.

After five mornings of waking to find my tall, long haired stranger in the kitchen I was beginning to get bored with the lack of interaction. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he arrived with his identical twin brother. Eye candy at such an early hour was one thing but if I was going to be woken that early I wanted a reason for it.

During the previous afternoon as I sat at the kitchen table, the same table my uncommunicative brothers had chosen to occupy in the morning, I came to a decision. It was somewhere between my third and fourth coffee when I decided that I would no longer pamper to he long haired, twinkle eyed duo. From now on if they wanted me they could come to me, if they wanted to interact with me they could initiate it and if they weren’t going to tell me what I wanted to hear then it would be a one sided conversation.

I could feel my eye lids getting heavier with every blink as I lay staring at the door and I knew I wasn’t far from falling asleep when I finally saw a shadow moving in the hallway. I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t alarmed, I knew from the shape that it was a person and that that person was coming towards my room, what I didn’t know was which person it would be.

Dark Stranger

Dark Stranger

I watched the doorway until a tall dark shadow stepped into the room. My eyes did not move from him as he walked past the end of the bed and put himself between the vacant side of the bed and the window. Without turning my head I watched him out the corner of my eye. He stood dead still, saying nothing and doing nothing long enough for me to wonder what he was going to do. Then without invitation, without even asking he then sat down on the bed.

Holding the doona close to me I rolled over onto my right side, rested my head on my arm and looked directly at him. I still couldn’t make out any distinguishing features, not that it mattered, I hadn’t spent long enough with my strange twins to know one from the other anyway. As I moved and made myself comfortable my stranger did the same for himself.

There we were, me laying on my side covered by a thick fluffy doona and him sitting upright leaning against the headboard with his legs stretched and crossed beside me. Sticking to my no pamper rule I lay there staring at him and saying nothing. Almost as if in defiance of the rule he couldn’t possibly know he sat there staring into the darkness.

We must have laid there, dead still and staring, for nearly five minutes, even in the dark it wasn’t an unpleasant sight. Suddenly I felt the bed move. I didn’t need to roll over to know what was happening behind me.

“Move over.”

I knew that voice anywhere, I’d heard it the previous five mornings. It belonged to number one. That meant the stranger I’d been staring at was obviously number two.

Number one barely waited for me to shuffle myself onto my back before he flopped himself onto the bed in a similar position to his brother.

There I lay, on my back, donna covering my tired and weary body and two strange but good looking men sitting beside me. I’d suddenly became the rose between two thorns, and I wasn’t entirely unhappy with the situation.

We lay in silence, we lay in stillness and we lay in darkness.

“Where is this going to go from here?” I asked myself after several minutes of nothingness.

It was at that moment I felt both strangers move.

They were moving towards me.

I felt one hand each side of me grab the doona.

I was frozen, I was tense, I was weirdly excited.

I felt the doona move slightly against my upper body. My heart was beating harder than I thought possible and the only sounds I could hear was that of my two strangers breathing beside me in unison……

Too hot for this blog, to see what happened next click here


  1. Suspenseful. Do you even know where this is going?

  2. Great feel, loved it, going with the flow of the story is how your find it’s soul, you’ve got a hearty soul here

    • It’s good when it happens, if only it happened more often 🙂

      • I like to call it purging the sins of the beast from within ones head, a lot of the time I just keep typing, not really caring what sort of time frame is taking place, all I need is something, anything to grasp onto and it writes itself. Your story reads like it did what it wanted. That sort of story is always a great one, because you can enjoy it like your a outsider.

        • The story started itself last night but I got to what I thought was the end at midnight and it really didn’t sit well so I decided to sleep on it. This morning it just flowed so much better, I was still in two minds as to how to end it and how far to go but it definitely benefited from being put to bed last night.

          At one point I was even considering making it a “Choose your own adventure” but I need to take a break from writing sometimes 🙂

  3. I loved Aprils comment, “you snot!” Ditto

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