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More Cowboy thoughts

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

Random Thoughts of the Midnight Cowboy

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Thursday 27 September

It’s a long straight road and the engine is deep
I can’t help thinkin’ of a good night’s sleep
And the long long roads of my liife were a callin’ me
These rough old hands are a-glued to the wheel
My eyes full of sand from the way they feel
And the lights comin’ over the hill are a-blindin’ me

Geez another appropriate night for this song. Do I ever hear this song when it’s not a cold and rainy night?

It’s a long tough haul from a-way down south
A man’s gotta find a little bread for his mouth
And a home for a girl as sweet as my honey can be
So it’s down through the gears, she’s a-startin’ to pull
The gauge on the tank is a-showin’ they’re full
And the lights comin’ over the hill are a-blindin’ me

I don’t need the music to sing this song, like so many aussie truckies it’s embedded in my mind. Now for the chorus let make it a big one for Slim!!!

There’s rain on the road and I can feel the load start a-shiftin’
I-i-in a dance
Too late, I see the post and I haven’t got a ghost of a chance
The windscreen wipers are a-beatin’ in time
The song they sing is a part of my mind
And I can’t believe it’s a-really happenin’ to me
Oh, but I’m over the edge and down the mountain side
I know they’ll tell about the night I died
In the rain when the lights on the hill were a-blindin’ me

Music Slim Dusty Lyrics Joy McKean
Extremely great singing Lost Property (The Midnight Cowboy)

Tuesday 3 March

What is more annoying than the sound of diesel flowing down the nozzle of a high flow bowser and into one of the two the 400 litre tanks when they are nearly empty?
The sound of the receipt printing at the register reminding you another 1100 bucks has been removed from your bank account to pay for it is definitely up there.
Damn I’m glad they have the high flow bowsers here, I’d be here all night otherwise.
Hey what’s that guy doing standing on the side of the road?
Now he’s hiding behind the power pole
Now he’s crouched down and duck walking towards the bush in the forecourt of the service station.
What is this guy doing?
Ok that proves there is a logical explanation for everything, now he’s hiding behind the bush.
What’s he got in his hand?
A mobile phone?
Nope it’s his wallet. He’s talking into his bloody wallet!
Damn I wish I could hear what he’s saying.
Actually no I don’t
Oh crap he’s coming this way, still crouched, still got his wallet to his ear and still duck walking across the forecourt.
Bloody hell I’ve got no where to go.
Just keep waddling. Just keep waddling. Damn!
“Oh Hi buddy.”
“No sorry mate I’m headed east.”
“Oh it’s east you really want to go?”
“Sorry mate company rule, no hitch hikers.”
“Oh you’re not a hitch hiker?”
“You’re a Secret Service agent, tracking an international criminal mastermind and he’s just hitched a ride in a motorbike side car driven by a clown with green hair?”
”No kidding?”
“And you need me to follow him?”
“Mate, I’d really love too but it’s a single seat truck, no room for passengers.”
“Ok cya later, I hope you catch him.”
So who wouldn’t want a job where you get to meet new and interesting people everyday of the week?




  1. So many strange people.

    • I haven’t even touched on the really strange ones yet. 🙂

      There is a couple of freaky instances with strangers which I’m yet to figure out how to write in the narrative I’ve chosen to write this post in. I was rarely scared of people I met in the middle of the night but some of them really had me wondering which asylum they’d escaped from.

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