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Blogging Don’ts: More Widgets than text

Too Many Widgets

Too Many Widgets

What annoys me about your blog number seven:

More widgets than text.

Disclaimer: Again, these are only my thoughts and opinions based on my twenty years of web design. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome even if they oppose mine and especially if they are well thought out and not just abusive.

Ok I wont say I am Passionate about this, but a daily prompt is a daily prompt 🙂

We’ve all seen a blog that has more widgets down the side than it does text.

Heaps of widgets

Heaps of widgets

Widgets can range in size and usefulness. From search boxes, to navigational aides to awards to advertising, any manner of these can be added to your widgets column. But are they really needed?

I’m not about to make a list of what widgets I think you should and shouldn’t have on your page because every page is different.

Previous and related posts aide navigation to the most important part of you blog, the posts. But how often is your search box utilised? Most sites have a search box as a standard widget, but if people aren’t using it does it need to take up real estate on your page?



Follow links, both buttons and follow by email are not only functional but ensure your viewers can follow your site. But are your awards necessary? We all like a bit of kudos and there is nothing wrong with showing off your awards but if they are taking up real estate that can be used by something else are they really serving any purpose. Do people really care if you have them?

Ok so the above is opinion only, I have a search box on my site, it doesn’t get utilised very often and it’s the next thing to go. I have recently removed my awards section (not that I have hundreds to display) to ensure both right and left column are of a similar length. I have also removed the tags from the body of the post to the left column to even both sides up a bit more.

As I say this is all personal opinion and you may well be asking ‘what difference does it all make to my website?’ Well the answer is not much overall, however there is a few things it can do for your website.

Less clutter means faster loading times.
Less widgets mean that on shorter posts your page doesn’t scroll forever downward.
Less widgets often means better performance and rendering on mobile devices.
Less bling hopefully means people focus more on the most important part of your site, the posts.

With the massive number of widgets available it really can pay to consider which ones you need, which ones add to your site and which ones are just taking up real estate.



  1. Okay then. Guess I don’t have to be in a rush to learn that.

  2. I like your opinions and advice. I’m new to the blogging world so this is good to think about

    • Thanks. 🙂 There is so much to learn, you don’t have to learn it because WP handles so much automatically but there is plenty of little tips and tricks worth playing around with.

      I haven’t really got any ideas to write more posts like this because of the number of things WP can do but if anyone has any questions they want my silly spin on I’m happy to throw out a few posts.

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