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Together with the stranger

Dark Stranger

Dark Stranger

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Together with the stranger

Having woken up, or been woken up, at some ungodly hour of the morning for the past three mornings I was barely surprised that on the fifth day I was again woken. The clock not flashing at me indicating a power cut was a new and welcome thing but I wasn’t sure the continued interruption to my slumber was.

I shuffled and rolled over under the fluffy doona not caring if I dragged the thing from the vacant side of the bed. As the numbers on the clock registered in my head I caught something out the corner of my eye, something barely distinguishable in the splash of light from the clock.

“What was that?” I thought as I forgot about the clock and looked towards the walk in robe.

Was there someone in my walk in robe?

Dark Stranger

Dark Stranger

Given my mysterious stranger of the previous few mornings, I wasn’t as alarmed as I probably should have been at the thought of another person walking around my house in the middle of the night. I wasn’t even that worried about an unknown person was walking into my robe, however I was curious.

In a weird effort to ensure the person I thought I saw knew I was awake I twisted and bounced onto my back. As the doona settled back down onto my chest I looked directly at the walk in robe for any movement. While the splash of light would not be enough to make out features it would be enough to see someone moving.

I lay there, dead still and breathing quietly. Time seemed to stand still as I watched and waited for anything to happen. Several times I thought I heard noises coming from inside the robe, but they were so quiet and so brief I found myself questioning my own brain.

“Was the a drawer opening?” I asked myself as I heard a scraping noise.

“What the hell is he doing going through my drawers?”

“That’s coat hangers moving on the rails, what the hell is he doing?”

I wanted to say something, I wanted to get up and turn the light on, but most of all I wanted to know what was going on. Until now my mysterious stranger had kept only to the dinning room and the previous day he hadn’t even been there. But this time he’d not only come into my bedroom, he’d gone into my walk in robe and appeared to be going through my things…..in the dark.

Like I said previously I probably should have been more alarmed than I was but the happenings of the previous days ensured that wasn’t going to happen and that curiosity was going to reign supreme. I kept watching the small dark room.

Then a figure appeared in the doorway, a tall, shadowy, reasonably well built figure.

Dark Stranger

Dark Stranger

He said nothing as he exited the robe, turned and headed out the door of my bedroom.

Throwing the donna back I was up and on my feet in a flash. Looking at the clock I noticed that my tall dark shadow had been inside my robe, going through my things, for nearly twelve minutes. Ignoring my dressing gown, which had fallen on the floor during my shuffling in bed, I headed straight for the doorway to follow my mysterious stranger.

Although the hallway wasn’t long I was definitely moving faster than him, not only was I catching up but I could feel the light silky material of my nightie pressed against the front of my legs.

Stepping onto the cold tiled floor of the kitchen my brain decided, without telling me, that I was going to take the ‘bull by the horns’ so to speak and control the situation. I flicked the kitchen light on and stepped passed the wall oven and looked directly at the table where my mysterious stranger liked to sit.

It was at that moment all thoughts of control suddenly got lost. I went from woman on a mission, a mission to get answers, to a women so utterly shocked and amazed that I needed to latch onto the bench before me so as not to fall over.

Sitting in front of me in what I’d come to think of as ‘his usual spot’ was my mysterious stranger. His tall, nicely shaped body covered in the same silk shirt, his hair casually dropping down past his shoulders and those beautiful blue eyes twinkling in the light. Nothing out of the ordinary for me right? Except that sitting next to my mysterious stranger sat what could only be described as his identical twin.

For a second I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, I thought I had double vision, that was until the second mysterious stranger lifted his right hand and waved at me.

“What the hell is this?” I asked but I was met with silence.

I tried again, this time looking directly at my new mysterious stranger. “Who the hell are you?”

“I’m with him.” he replied.

“That doesn’t explain to me who you are.”

“We came in Together.” replied mysterious stranger one.

“Yes I got that impression but it still doesn’t answer the original question.”

“He’s my brother.” said Number one.

“Yep, and he’s my brother.” said Number two.

“Oh great, looks like I really hit the jackpot when it came to good looking blokes with IQ points.” I thought.

Head Slap

Head Slap

“Ok,” I started, “So what is he doing going through all the things in my robe.”

“Getting to know you.” Came the casual response from Number one.

“You’ve got to be shitting me.” I said as I turned and walked out of the kitchen.

“Hey, what about our coffee?” I heard one of them call as I rounded the corner into the hallway and headed for the bedroom.

“Make it yourself, I’m going to bed.”


  1. You need a good nights sleep.

  2. hey what about telling them to get the hell out of your house…..

  3. Loved this! As I’m laughing I notice I’m also getting a frightening chill. Is that even possible?

  4. Udually dont watch horror movies. Vlosest i get is the tv series Grimm

  5. Sorry bout that, typing on small phone keyboard doesnt work wrll, see what i mean? ; )

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