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Murder Club: In the Road Again



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“Are we taking the FC or the ‘Stang?” Big Bear asked as he opened the drawer to retrieve the car keys.

“Better take the FC. We haven’t emptied the boot of the ‘Stang yet.” Golly replied.

“We have to empty the boot ourselves?” Tickles asked.

“Sssshhhh.” Golly replied indicating the conversation was not going to be continued at that time.

“Ok then,” Tickles said understanding the conversation was over. “So where is Snowflake?”

“Someone looking for me?” Snowflake waltzed into the office with an armful of chocolate, “Sorry I was checking out Jen’s chocolate supply, it appears she’s run out again.”

“Get in the car.” Golly said with a smile.

Minutes later the for boofheads from the Murder Club were slowly rumbling their way down the driveway in their black FC Holden.

“Left or Right?” Big Bear asked.

“Right, we are headed for the city.” Golly answered.

Through the magic of poetic licence the boofheads arrived at the city location, a small night club in the back lane way of the central business district in only seconds.

“Reverse up to the loading bay, this is going to be an easy job.” Golly told Big Bear as he pulled the car up to the kerb.

“What is the job?” Snowflake asked.

“Inside there is someone up on stage absolutely murdering the song ‘These Four Walls’. Apparently she’s so bad that patrons have been seen running and screaming out the front door. The club owners called and told us they were so desperate to get her out they’d let us in the back door, give us full access to the back of the stage where we can grab her and get her out of there before she even knows what is going on.” Golly said looking for the specs of the job on his iPad.

“So what your suggesting is that we need ear plugs on this job?” Big Bear said with a smile.

“Industrial strength!” Golly replied.

Getting out of the car they could hear the screeching voice screaming the chorus to the song.

It must have been something to send me out of my head
With the words so radical and not what I meant
Now I wait
For a break in the silence ’cause it’s all that you left
Just me and these four walls again

“Oh my god that is terrible.” uttered Snowflake as he stuck his ear plugs in.

In less than a minute the four boofheads had made their way back stage and were scoping out the target. The plan took even less time to finalise and before the singer on stage knew what was happening she was secure in the boot of the FC Holden.

Satisfied with another job well done the boofheads all climbed in the car and headed home. To make the drive home a little more relaxing Big Bear reached forward and switched the radio on.

“And in celebrity news,” the radio announcer started, “As a warm up for her world tour, which starts later this year, Miley Cyrus has been spotted in town this week. Apparently she’s doing a secret warm up gig under a different name tonight at a club somewhere in town. If anyone out there knows the name of the club or has seen her, call in and let us know.”

“Don’t think they’ll be getting too many calls now.” Golly said in response to the radio.

“What?” Snowflake asked. “Your not saying…”

“Sssshhhh.” Golly replied indicating the conversation was not going to be continued at that time.


  1. I didn’t realize she was that bad! So what did they end up doing with her? Part II?

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