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Blogging Don’ts: Popups

Subscribe Pop Ups Suck!

Subscribe Pop Ups Suck!

Ok so yesterday’s post about blogging don’ts was a bit better received than I thought it would be.

So I decided to add this Zinger (ok that was a blatant hook to link to the prompt and serves no purpose to the post. 🙂 )

Maybe I should do a section on clickbait links 🙂

As stated in the post the thoughts are personal thoughts only, not facts. It wasn’t written to create discussion and it wasn’t written as a definitive ‘do this’ guide, I was just sharing what annoyed me.

Rather than simply leaving it at that I’m going to expand on each item. Once again not to try and convince anyone I’m right just to offer a more detailed explanation of why my thoughts are like that.

If you get something out of this great, if not that’s fine too. But if you’re interested in the topics shown and do nothing else do yourself a favour and do a little research into them. By research I don’t mean get three websites that have the same opinion and agree with them I mean find both sides of the argument and make an informed decision based on both sides.

If you have an opposing thought, feel free to post it in the comments.

Subscribe Pop Ups Suck!

Subscribe Pop Ups Suck!

1.Pop-up ads (yes they are ads) to remind me to sign up to your site, or follow your site.

Pop up ads have been a bug bear of mine for years and nothing makes me close a site quicker than a pop up.

No one likes to go to a site and be bombarded with an ad telling them to buy something.

No one likes it when they click on a site, even by mistake, and suddenly ten new windows pop up taking control of your computer.

Pop Up Ad Suck

Pop Up Ad Suck

So why would you do that to your own site?

I have read plenty of sites that claim presenting a viewer with a pop up that reminds them to follow or sign up to your site is bad when the pop up happens immediately, but its a great thing when it happens after thirty seconds, or when the viewer scrolls to X% of the page.

So how is that any different to your favourite website throwing up an ad, which requires you to click closed to get rid of, telling you to buy a pair of socks?

It’s not. The topic may be different but it’s still just as annoying.

Don't Be Annoying

Don’t Be Annoying

Whether you are self hosted or not there is options to get people to sign up to your site.

You can add a follow button. These can be conveniently added as a widget and can be added to both self hosted and WordPress Hosted sites.

Wordpress Follow Button

WordPress Follow Button

You can add a follow by email link. I have no idea how many people have email only followers but yet again a widget does the job.

Follow By Email

Follow By Email

For those on self hosted sites with a little programming knowledge there is quite a few options that you will find with a Google search. Look at each and decided which suits you.

Self Hosted Follow Button

Self Hosted Follow Button

None of the three options above annoy the viewer. None of them require the user to close something before they decided if they like your information enough to follow you, but they all work.

Given that so many people these days know how blogs work if you write something that engages the viewer they will seek out a way to follow you. There is no need to annoy them into liking you.


  1. They really know how much of a post I’ve read? That freaks me out.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Technically no. The scripting follows how much the page is scrolled and when it gets to a set percentage it sends the ok to load the pop up. There is no way to tell if you’re actually reading it.

      The more annoying problem comes when a page doesn’t have enough information to scroll and the pop up happens as the page you want to read loads.

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