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Random Thoughts from the Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

Random Thoughts of the Midnight Cowboy

Plenty of people love being alone, some even think alone time is a necessity to life, however when it’s forced upon you few really understand how it effects you. Try spending twelve to fourteen hours, six some times seven nights a week, behind the wheel of a truck (and in this country such a driver isn’t even considered long haul) Try doing up to seven hundred kilometres in a night stopping for deliveries at forty different drops. Driving a truck sounds like a great job doesn’t it?

Apart from screwing up your personal life and making it harder to be a part of social circles the hardest part of the job is stopping yourself going crazy. The random thoughts and conversations (with myself) below probably prove that I didn’t succeed in stopping such things.

(Some thoughts may have been edited for a PG audience because the rumour you hear about truck drivers knowing how to swear does have some truth to it)

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

Monday 2 June
What’s that flashing light through the trees?
Don’t be stupid it’s a warning beacon. But what’s it attached to? Roadworks?
Nah, there’s no roadworks scheduled on this road for months.
Hang on it’s moving. I can’t see any headlights in front of the flashing light.
Headlights show for miles out here, what the hell is it connected to?
It’s definitely coming closer. Gotta be a wide load or something but where are the headlights
Shit I hope I don’t meet it up here at Danny’s bend, it’s a blind corner, anything too big and I could be in trouble.
Seems to be cutting a good clip, maybe I should slow down. Nope don’t want to meet it on Danny’s bend. Put the foot down, screw the speed limit
Here I come Danny.
115kph! Shit! Danny lost it doing 120kph don’t go any faster truck!
Wooooow, no wonder Danny lost it, shit that’s dangerous 15ks over the limit. But at least I’m past the corner, now what the hell is that light?
Definitely closer, move left a bit, keep wheels on bitumen until you know you have to hit the dirt.
Shit that’s bright
Woooooshhhhh! Zing!!
What the F….
Bloody hell it’s not often you see a semi using his warning beacon as headlights doing 100kph down Sanders Rd….thank god for that!

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

Sunday 24 December

Car coming up behind, he’ll want to get passed before the end of the over taking lane.
Typical idiot, sees a truck has to be in front of it, can’t slow down, can’t keep a safe distance, just got to be ahead.
Here he goes, out into the right lane.
Shit he’s moving,he’s already caught up to the rear trailer.
Still going to be close.
The prick better get past me before the lane ends. I’m not risking any of this 80 tonnes rolling on the shoulder.
Indicator on let the guy know early that I’m moving over.
Damn holiday traffic, the guy probably doesn’t even know the lane ends up here.
Shit this guy must easily be doing 120, he’s nearly up to the cabin
C’mon get past I’m moving over.
Off ya go buddy, guess I wont be seeing you again. Hope you enjoy your holiday/
What the hell is that?
Something has just let go. Awe crap it’s one of the bikes off the bike rack on the back.
Thump, crunch. Shit! You bastard!
That better not have caused any damage under the truck.
All gauges fine, no warnings, truck is ok, doubt they can say the same for the bike after going under all nine axles.
Oh well if they don’t want to stop for it I see no reason to stop.

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

Tuesday 12 January

What’s that in the bush on the left?
Crap it’s eyes.
Stay there Skippy.
Crap it’s moving
Turn around stupid.
Haha look at the stupid thing bouncing down the shoulder of the road in the glow of the driving lights.
Just stay there idiot.
Oh shit get off the road
Crash, thump.
Crap there goes a driving light, that’s 300 bucks.
Bloody roos!


  1. That truck with no headlights freaked me out. No, I never thought it would be a fun job. I hate driving.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      I’ve seen lots of things come out of the dark but anything with no headlights is always scary.
      Liking driving is kind of a prerequisite for the job but after a while it does get boring like any job. However if you can talk to yourself (and answer yourself) it does make the time go quicker 🙂

  2. bloody roos! I wondered where you were from.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Regional Victoria but I’ve driven roads in all states of Australia except the Territory.

  3. Have you tried playing music while doing all that driving?

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Have you heard my singing? 🙂

      There is future thoughts which do actually show I did listen to music but biggest problem was that most of the driving was done in an old truck that only had a radio and terrible speakers. Also the fact that I spent most of the time in regional areas where radio reception was often poor didn’t make it easy.

      However even with music 15 years on the road still leads you plenty of time to think silly thoughts.

  4. All I could think when I read this was “where is the aforementioned cowboy from the title?” And then I remembered… you don’t like horses. Talk about getting my hopes ups… no farmers, ranchers…nothin’ 😉

    • Nah cowboy refers to the idiot behind the wheel. Most car drivers in this country think truckies are all cowboys because of the way they drive, as opposed to the way care drivers drive which is just appalling.

      In this country if one is a truckie and not a cowboy they are probably a steering wheel attendant.

  5. One thing I still remember from my driver’s education was that they parked a big semi and showed us all it’s blind spots and really wanted us to acknowledge the respect truckers needed from other drivers. I also had a friend whose father was a trucker. So, I learned a lot about the respect that you should give. But it is unfortunate that many do not here either.

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