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“Let’s Roll!!” Golly called across the office throwing the keys to the Mustang towards Big Bear.

“Where are we going?” Big Bear asked catching the keys in his right paw.

“We’ve got out first case.”

“You said that the other day.” Tickles states as he grabbed a drink from the fridge and followed Big Bear towards the door.

“Yep and this time I’m serious.”

Snowflake shuffled on the couch, twisted and placed his feet on the floor. “You better be be serious, I was dreaming of my girl Livina and it’s not good to interrupt me from that dream!”

Seconds later all four boofheads were sitting in the Mustang. Big Bear turned the key in the ignition and kicked the 428 cubic inch V8 into life. “Where are we headed?” he asked Golly who was sitting in the back seat with Tickles.

Golly rattled off a location which was conveniently located only tens minutes away from their home base.

“What’s the case?” Tickles quizzed.

“City boy in an akubra, chequered shirt and cowboy boots with a few too many Bundy and cokes under his huge plastic belt buckle thinks he’s a country music star and he’s murdering the Johnny Cash song Timber Man.” Golly read off the details from his mobile phone.

Pulling up directly in front of the country themed bar on the corner of Swift and David St Big Bear switched off the engine.

“Not worried about parking illegally?” Tickles asked Big Bear as he read the “No Parking” sign in front of the car.

“Pfft, who’s going to book us. We are the Hot Fuzz Murder Club. We are saving people’s lives here.”

With that they all got out of the car and stood on the footpath. Even outside the venue they could hear the atrocious caterwauling.

Well, they say there’s sawdust in my brain
And don’t get caught out in the rain
I got Stump water in my blood
The sweat from my brow turns the ground to mud

“Bloody hell that’s terrible.” Snowflake said.

“How are we going to handle this?” Big Bear asked.

“We trained for this, didn’t we?” Golly asked. The other three boofheads all looked at each other with confused looks on their faces. “Ooops, guess we missed that day. Oh well. The idea is easy. We walk in the grab him and bring him out.”

“Oh that sounds positively simple.” Tickles said.

“Yep, that might be why we skipped the training, the job is easy.”

Two minutes later the boofheads stood at the closed boot (trunk for you overseas people) of the Mustang.

“Well that was easy.” Big Bear said.

“Yep, told you this community service gig was easy.” Golly replied.

“So what do we do with the guy in the boot?” Snowflake asked.

“Never talk about him again.” Golly said as he ushered the boofheads back into the car.