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Recharging my batteries



Ok this has absolutely nothing to do with the daily prompt of Recharge.
I was sitting at the computer with a blank screen when Miss Four came up and asked what I was writing. When I told her I had nothing she dictated this story to me. Since it’s more than anything I’ve written today I decided to post it.

One day mum was waiting for her lunch.
We were making it.
It was egg, baked beans, toast and bacon.
And then mum had some chocolate as an entree
Then mum said lets go water skiing.
So we did take her water skiing.
Mum didn’t fall over while she was water skiing.
Then came a big white duck and she ran into it an fell down.
Then she had to swim to the the boat.
We got her in the boat
Then Sally and Nanny and Pa came
They came with some food
Then they said, “can we jump in your boat”
And we said, “of course”
And we sat in the boat and had some dinner
Then we has some fruit in the boat
Then we had sweets
Then we did some painting
Then we hung them up in the boat so they could dry
So then they found a spinning thing and they took turns playing with it.
Then we said, “Oh he’s got a cat on his head.”
Then we said what does the power button do and we found out it makes the cat spin around
Then we said look it’s my new pink smiley ball, it must have rolled from home
Then we played catch.
Then we found a toy duck and put it in the water
Then everything went floating out of the house.
Then I said “Quack is all wet and soggy.”
Then we floated home.
Then we hung Quack up to dry.
Then we lived happily ever after.


  1. And another writer is born.

  2. lostpropertyrepository

    haha, she better not get more likes than me!! 🙂

  3. The duck in photo is definitely recharging. All is right with the world – and they all lived happily after. 🙂

  4. lostpropertyrepository

    The duck daughter was holding as she was telling me the story is identical to the one in the picture. I can understand why it was wet and soggy with what its wearing 🙂

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