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Plops Twinkles and recharging

Continues from here

‘Another power outage?’ I thought to myself as I rolled over in the bed and looked at the flashing clock in the dark room. ‘This can’t be a co-incidence.’

In what was becoming a bit of a ritual I threw the blanket off me and climbed out of bed. I was still sliding my arms into the dressing gown as I made my way down the hallway to the kitchen to make coffee.

Again I didn’t turn on the light, I expected HIM to do it, I just walked to the kettle which I’d filled up earlier in preparation and switched it on.

“Hello stranger.” I said to the darkness.

“Hello Amy.”

“Oh so you know my name.” I started, “Of course you do. Does that mean you’re going to tell me yours?”

Silence from the tall, long haired well built hunk sitting at my dinning room table.

“I take that as a no. So you’re allowed to know all sorts of stuff about me but I’m not allowed to know anything about you?” I asked.

“You know how I take my coffee.”



‘Bastard.’ I thought as I poured water into the prepared coffee mugs.

After I replaced the kettle back on its stand I grabbed the two coffee cups and headed for the table to sit down with my new nameless friend.

“So is there any chance you’re going to tell me why it is you keep appearing in my dinning room at some weird hour of the night?”

“I like coffee.”

Dammit even his voice was alluring.

“What about telling me why it is the power seems to go out some time between me going to bed and you showing up for coffee?” I quizzed

“Power surge?”

“Hmm, at least you didn’t tell me I needed to Recharge the batteries.”

Lowering the coffee cup from his mouth he said. “Maybe you need to recha….”

“Oh shut up!”

“Ssshhh or you’ll wake the kids.”

“Well maybe they can make some sense from you.” I tried not to be grumpy but even being good looking wasn’t stopping him from getting on my nerves

“You say that like I’m difficult to understand.”

“You’re difficult to get to know.”

“Am I? Are you sure?”

“What’s your name?” I knew it was pointless but we needed something to talk about


“What are you doing here?”

“I like coffee.”

”Yes we established that. Is there anything else you like?” Did I already say I was getting grumpy?

“I like scones.”



“Oh would you like me to whip you up a batch?” I asked with no intention of doing so.

“No my coffee would be cold by the time they were cooked.”

I tried a different approach. “So is there something you are good at? Is there something you can do for me other than wake me up every morning and turn my power off?”

“There is lots of thing I can do.” He replied without thought

“Ok tell me one thing.”

“I can help you solve the Daily crossword.”

“So you’re entire reason for waking me up at some silly hour of the day is not to drink my coffee.”

”I like coffee.”

“Yeah Yeah. Your whole reason for existence is to help me solve 14 Across?” I asked with some surprise in my voice.



“14 Across was the one you got stuck on on Tuesday, it’s 89 Down today.”

“AARRGGHHH!!” I’m going to bed I growled as I dropped my empty coffee mug on the table.


    • lostpropertyrepository

      Well he has to be good for something 🙂

      Not even sure how tall Amy is yet so I don’t know if his other skill is reaching things on the top shelf.

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