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More sleepless thoughts

Random thoughts of a sleepless mind.

There is many a website from author and non authors alike who make statements like “sleep with a notebook beside your bed and if you are woken by an idea write it down so you don’t forget it.”
These files, more than fifteen years in the making, are clear proof you SHOULDN’T do such things.

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Random thought #100

12:57am Wow that was the best 35 minutes sleep I’ve had in a long time.
12:58am Why do I feel this awake after only 35 minutes sleep? It feels like I’ve slept all night. Check the clock again make sure you read it right.
12:59am Dammit, I read it right.
1:00am Must be on a quick Recharge cycle tonight.
1:05am I’m never going to get back to sleep now that I’m this wide awake.

Recharge Me

Recharge Me

Random thought #1284

12,000 what? 12,000 dollars? 12,000 monkeys?
Just 12,000
What the hell am I thinking about 12,000 for?

Random thought #842

Awe doesn’t she look pretty laying there sleeping like that!
Oh, she’s not asleep her breathing isn’t slow enough or deep enough.
Maybe she is asleep. Nah she’s not.
Is my arm sore from laying on it too long?
Yeah a little bit but the view in this direction is better!
She’s awake, nope that’s a little snore.
Wonder if she wants a cuddle.
It will probably wake her up.
I might get a smack in the head for my troubles if she’s half awake and I surprise her. Definitely worth it though!
Maybe she is awake. Wish she’d give me a sign that I could cuddle her and when I say sign I don’t mean a black eye when I take her by surprise.
Oh well maybe I’ll just lay here and think nice thoughts. I know I should write them down for my book!
It’s not a book! Until it’s published it’s just a bunch of words.
Shuddup, who asked you!
You don’t have to ask, I can do it by myself, just like I’m going to make you sing the Rick Nelson song Gimme a Little Sign Girl.
Oh bloody hell!! Let me sleep…..FOREVER!!!


  1. Wow! That was an amazingly humorous piece that is so true to life. You rock!

  2. And that’s how it goes.

  3. She already gave you the sign she is asleep, do not disturb.

  4. I just saw your sleepless mind time schedule. I always look for your posts, but don’t get them, so tonight I looked at some older ones. Guess I’ll have to read everything on your site so you won’t think I’m plagiarizing! I wouldn’t do that.

    • I’d be worried for your mental well being if you started copying the crap I write. I stopped looking for my posts anywhere, not that I need to read them but I seriously gave up searching, I don’t even check the prompt page any more because of how ridiculously screwed WP is. I usually post 1 or 2 things a day where they show up who knows.

  5. As usual, you are hilarious, even when half asleep!

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