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Random Thoughts of a Sleepless Mind

Random thoughts of a sleepless mind.

There is many a website from author and non authors alike who make statements like “sleep with a notebook beside your bed and if you are woken by an idea write it down so you don’t forget it.”
These files, more than fifteen years in the making, are clear proof you SHOULDN’T do such things.

Random thought #785

1:15am Oh a car is coming. I wonder what sort it is. Damn it turned off down at Smith St, was probably a Ford.

1:17am Oh another car. I wonder what sort it is. Sounds like a V8. Driver sounds like a moron the way he’s revving it. Must be a Ford. Sounds like we left the bedroom window open. Yep definitely Ford with a moron at the wheel. At that speed I wonder how long until he hits a tree. Geez I feel sorry for emergency crew ho have to pull idiots like that out of cars.

moron Ford driver

moron Ford driver

1:35am Voices! Oh yeah Saturday night, probably staggering home from the pub. Geez their voices are loud. Should have checked the window, don’t need idiots waking the wife. Young people with a skin full yelling and swearing, what’s become of today’s youth? Of course you didn’t do that as a teenager did you? Who are you talking to brain?

1:42am Another car. I don’t care what this one is I want to sleep. Oh it’s a Toyota. Must be someone coming home late from midnight mass. Bet there is a white lawn bowls hat sitting on the back parcel shelf.

1:47am Did I just nod off for five minutes? Should I get a Sandwich?

1:48am There goes the last train of the night from the city to the country. Damn, it’s thirteen minutes late. Public transport just can’t be trusted any more.

1:51am Oh geez not that bloody dog across the road. What the hell’s it barking at now? Shut up Fluffy, Who calls a Doberman Fluffy anyway? Oh more voice, obviously that’s what the dog is reacting too. Stupid drunks walking home, why can’t they walk along Phillips St.

Random thought #1556.

There is no sight in this world more Elegant than the sight of the woman I love laying beside me at 3AM, bathed in the glow of the street lights splashing through cracks in the vertical blinds, her little snores escaping from her mouth-open sleep face.

The pillow appears to be slightly damp in the spot just below her mouth, but she doesn’t drool in her sleep. Even if she did it would only add to the picture, just like a diamond necklace adds to the plunging neck line of her favourite dress.

I could easily reach over and brush away that stray wisp of hair hanging down over her cheek but alas that would be disastrous, for it would cause her to stir. The last thing the sleepless mind wants is disturb she who does sleep, for disturbance could lead to a roll over, forever breaking the one image that rests the sleepless mind.

If she woke now and saw me staring at her, even in the semi darkness she couldn’t resist, she’d have to make a comment about me being weird. But I’m fine with that, I am weird, after all who else would be laying in bed next to his wife at 4AM staring into her closed sleeping eyes other than the devoted weirdo she married?

Oh damn she’s stirring and rolling over, must have been all those sweet thoughts I was sending from pillow to pillow. Maybe I can sneak my arm under her and give her a cuddle. Oh how much would I love that simple touch? Words can not describe.



Nope she’s gone too far, if she goes any further she’ll fall out of the bed. Maybe I could try to snuggle up to her back give her a cuddle. Don’t be stupid, one swipe of that right arm and I could end up with an elbow coming in my direction. Another indescribable situation, even with the elbow, but I better not.

Damn it’s 4:20am, I wonder how high I can count before I fall asleep.……..

Continued here


  1. I hate nights like that. Last night, I slept. Wonderful sleep.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      15 years of shift work and driving trucks through the night killed my sleeping, even after 8 years out of the truck I can’t sleep a decent night any more, so there might be a few more of these. 🙂

  2. lol I don’t think that means to write down every thought, just thoughts that sound interesting. But i don’t do this.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      At 3am after laying in bed for 3 hours not sleeping you don’t have interesting thoughts 🙂

      Wait until I start the Ramblings of the Midnight Cowboy: stories and thoughts from the mind of a lone truck driver on the midnight highway.

  3. You’re definitely in love, and that hardly leads to sleep.☺️

  4. I see you were getting a little frisky but darn it the wife was sleeping..well you could of taking a chance and gently wake her up……

  5. I feel like those minute by minute notes would make good prompts.

  6. Deanna

    This is one of the sweetest posts I’ve read in a long time! You should repost thIs. ❤️

  7. Now this is, if you excuse my expression, truckery romantic! 🙂

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