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Murder Club. What’s in a name



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The office was quiet, lit only by a few LED downlights and the jukebox in the corner which was switched on but not playing anything. Snowflake was laying on the couch, paws up and head resting on the large square cushion after a big day of celebrating his birthday. Big Bear was paws up on the desk leaning back in his swivel chair. Tickles was sitting at the computer ordering a pool table for the new office and Golly was on his mobile phone talking quietly.

As Tickles clicked send and sent Jen’s credit card details flying through cyberspace to the pool table company in exchange for a nine foot one piece slate pool table Golly hung up the phone and broke the silence.

“We have a case!”

“Make mine a case of Bundy” Called Big Bear wondering how many of the overseas readers would get the joke.

“Wow, this internet thing is pretty good,” Tickles said, “We haven’t unveiled our business plan yet and we haven’t even let people know our name yet we are already getting calls about cases.”

“Oh the call had nothing to do with the case.” Golly exclaimed. “That was L.P. He wanted to know how come the FC needed new tyres on it already. He was grumpy because he got pulled over and the cops wanted to put him off the road for bald tyres.”

Both Big Bear and Snowflake looked at each with sheepish grins but none of the boofheads said anything about the circle work the two bears had been doing on their way to pick up the jukebox.

“So how did we get a new case?” Snowflake asked expertly diverting he conversation.

“Good news travels fast. People have been knocking down our door ever since we announced the new business venture.” Golly explained.

“Yeah, but they’ve all been delivery drivers delivering our new toys.” Tickles said through laughter.

“Ok,” Golly interrupted Tickles laughter, “It must be time for the announcement.”

“Are you going to tell our massive group of followers our new name?” Big Bear said excitedly.

“I guess the time has come.” Golly stated.

“So what is it?” Tickles asked on behalf of the fans.

“The Hot Fuzz Murder Club!”

“Well that wasn’t worth waiting nine days for.” Tickles said smugly as he grabbed a Sandwich from the fridge.

“Maybe so, but the name is not important it’s what we do that is important.” Golly stated proudly.

“Don’t we just solve murders, kind of like CSI just much cuter and with more charisma?” Snowflake asked.

“Nope we stop murders.” Golly replied

“Stop murder? You mean we are that good we know when someone is going to kill another person as we stop it? I’m not buying it.” Big Bear joined the conversation.

“People killing people is not our thing. The goal of The Hot Fuzz Murder Club is to rid the world of bad karaoke and bad singing in general.” Quizzical looks met Golly as he spoke. “That’s right, the Hot Fuzz Murder Club is going to hunt down and remove anyone caught murdering good songs.”

“Damn we are going to be busy, I’m going to have a nap before out first case.” said Tickles as he headed for the door.


  1. This is a club I can get behind. STOP MURDERING SONGS!

    • lostpropertyrepository

      I can’t believe they led me down this path. There is a lot of song murdering going on out there but now I have to come up with new and inventive ways to stop people doing it, or the boofheads will go on strike and I’ll go insane.

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