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“It’s announcement day! It’s announcement day!” Snowflake sung proudly as he waltzed into the Murder Club office.

“Someone is excited.” Tickles said without moving from the couch where he was having a nap.

“Well aren’t you?” Snowflake responded as he jumped up into his swivel chair, flung his paws up on the desk and reclined the chair backwards.

“Apparently not as excited as you.”

“Well that’s understandable.”

At that moment Golly and Big Bear walked into the office and took up their seats.

“It’s announcement day!” Repeated Snowflake.

Looking across to Big Bear with a grin on his face Golly said, “Well it could be worse, he could be reminding us of it every few minutes.”

“Maybe we should just let him reveal the announcement and be done with it.”Big Bear stated.

“I think one of you guys should do the announcing.” Snowflake called.

Just then and without warning the doorway between the office and the house burst open and L.P. and Jen walked in the door carrying a huge chocolate cake with a single lit candle in the centre. As they stepped up to place the cake on the desk they began singing, instantly the other three boofheads joined in.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Snowflake
Happy Birthday to you!

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray

“Thank you all for remembering such an important day!!” Snowflake said happily after blowing out the candle.

“It was definitely a difficult one to remember, because it’s not like you haven’t been reminding us every day for the last month.” Golly stated.

“Well it’s an important day.” Snowflake replied.

“Certainly is.” Said Jen leaning on the corner of the desk and looking around the room as if waiting for something.

“That’s right, there is few things more important in this world than the cute little bear’s birthday.” Snowflake said through a smirk.

“Except maybe the birthday of the good looking, Elegant, talented, wonderfully beautiful female whose writing ensures that you and your little boofhead mates get to fulfil these crazy dreams of yours!”

“Oh Jen, don’t call L.P. a female, you know he doesn’t look good in a dress.” Snowflake uttered through laughter.

Jen said nothing, three boofheads laughed loudly and L.P. stared directly at Snowflake and shook his head disapprovingly.

“What are you trying to say Jen, dear?” Snowflake asked when the laughter settled down.

“Are you actually going to make me say it?” Jen asked.

“Say what?” Snowflake said innocently.

“I think Jen’s trying to say something about today, Snowflake.” Big Bear said leaning closer to the cake in hope of finally getting a bite.

“What else is there to say but ‘It’s my birthday. It’s my birthday.”

“Maybe I should also be saying that?” Jen asked.

“Well you could but why risk taking the shine off my day?” Snowflake asked still acting innocent.

“Ok, enough is enough,” L.P. Interrupted. “Relight the candle and sing the song before I end up paying a lot more than that huge stack of presents in the house cost me!”

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Jen
Happy Birthday to you!

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray

Once the cake was cut, shared and eaten Tickles turned to Golly and said, “Guess all this excitement means the readers have to wait another day to find out why we need a jukebox and our new name?”

“It’s lucky our massive fan base are patient!” Golly said before lazing back in the chair and waiting for tomorrow.


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake