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My new Superhero



I am going to invent a Superhero!

He will wears green Lycra pants, a chequered shirt and his underwear….

Actually I don’t care what he wears.

One he’s my Superhero and two as long as he does his super hero duties I couldn’t care less what he wears.

In winter he will turn up in his flannelette jacket, jeans and work boots (providing he takes them off before entering the house). In summer he will grow a beard, show of his tattooed six pack and wear a pair of tight shorts to give the wife something to look at. I just don’t care about appearance I just want my superhero to do his super hero duties.

My superhero will visit once a week, he will launder all the clothes, he will wash the floor, he will vacuum the carpets, do the dishes and every four weeks or so he will mow the lawn and wash the car.

I’m going to call him SuperLawnMowerWashingCleaning Man.


  1. I’d like him to come to my house also please.

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