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Murder Club secrets revealed



Continues from here

“How nice was if that we got a visit from Angie yesterday.” Tickles said still blushing from the experience of meeting Angie Harmon the previous day.

Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon

“Are you ever going to stop talking about it?” Golly asked.

“Nope, and don’t try to hide how much you loved meeting her. You’ve been ogling, I mean watching, her as long as I have.”

“I’m not the one still blushing after eighteen hours!”

“She kissed me on the end of the nose!”

Golly decided to change the subject. “Where are those two bears today?”

“According to our new whizz bang satellite tracking system on the computer they are down at the race track doing some circle work in the FC.” Tickles replied flicking the screen from his laptop to the transparent white board.

“Bears will be bears.” Golly added as they saw a close up video shot from their own personal super high definition long range satellite camera piggy backing of one of the many Google tracking satellite.

On the panel the two Boofheads watched as Big Bear, sitting in the drivers seat, sunglasses on, front right paw resting on the open window sill of the drivers door, held the steering wheel on full lock with his left paw and sent the FC Holden in circles on the bitumen burn out pad. As smoke poured out from the rear tyres and gradually engulfed the car the last thing they saw before the entire screen was smoke was Snowflake in the passenger seat waving at a camera he couldn’t possible see.

“What are they suppose to be doing?” Golly asked as he turned away from the screen.

“Buying a Wurlitzer apparently.”

“Oh well that makes sense.” Golly replied knowing why a Wurlitzer was needed but not elaborating so as to build some suspense with the readers.

“I just hope they leave enough tread on those tyres to get themselves home before the prompt is released.” Tickles added

*Time snip*

“We’re home.” Snowflake called proudly as he walked in the door leading a man wearing a day-glo shirt and pushing a hand trolley with a large box on it into the room. “Just put it over in the corner near the couch when you’ve taken it out of the box.”

Twenty minutes later as yet another delivery van left the driveway the four boofheads stood in front of the Wurlitzer Jukebox marvelling at it’s beauty.

“100 CD’s, 200 Watts, 2 x 3 way speakers, the power to deafen anyone in this room and the beauty of flashing lights just to complete the picture.” Snowflake said describing the jukebox in front of them.

“So apart from great entertainment what does a Murder club need with a jukebox?” Tickles asked leading the story down a path for the readers benefit.

“That will all be revealed tomorrow in a massive edition of the Murder Club.” Golly stated.

“So we are going to leave our million readers hanging for out name yet again?” Big Bear asked.

“Yep. Tomorrow is going to be a massive day, we have several major announcements to make which will shock the readers.” Golly exclaimed.

“Well at least we know they wont miss tomorrow’s story with a cliff hanger like this!” Snowflake said before throwing himself on the couch for a nap and humming the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


  1. My uncle had a Wurlitzer, and there was the word of the day. Just in time.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      I had a mate once with one of everything and he had one too, but it wasn’t a fancy CD one like the boofheads have.

      Got to admit the text was written in advance (not two years in advance like some do) and the word was just added at the final second to make it fit. 🙂

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