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“What’s all this then?” L.P. said as he walked into the newly built office. The look on his face one of confusion more than surprise.

“It’s our new office.” Golly replied.

“What do you need a new office for?” L.P asked.

“See,” Golly said to Big Bear who was sitting on the chair next to him. “I told you this would be easy to get past these two. He comes back from his anniversary celebration (which went for two days apparently).”

“Half his bloody luck! Its must be luuurrrvvvee” Big Bear interrupted.

Golly continued. ”Exactly but it’s not. ‘How did this happen?’ or even ‘How did you pay for this?’ it’s ‘What do you need an office for?’

“Oi what are you two talking about? I asked a question.” L.P. interrupted as Jen stepped up beside him equally as confused by what she was seeing.

“Go back and read the previous posts!” Golly stated.

A brief intermission while Jen and L.P. go back and read the previous posts

“Hey maybe while they are reading they can fix all the typos that nobody else picked up.” Snowflake chirped as he got up off the couch.

“Yeah it’s a bit sad, even incognito the readership is up over a million people yet not one of them could pick up the deliberately placed typos.” Goll said.

With the intermission over the conversation continued.

“I’m not really surprised, I knew something was happening when those new cars arrived the on the weekend.” L.P. stated.

“See you aren’t as dim as you sim there laddy!” Golly said trying to end the conversation about the new business which the readers don’t need to see rehashed.

“Oh I see, not only have you developed a new business you’ve developed a smart arse PI attitude to go with it.” Jen said through a grin.

“When in Rome Baby!!”

“So what is you new name?” L.P. asked seemingly unconcerned about what had happened since they left

“T…” Golly started before being interrupted by the door bell chime.

“Oh I wonder who that could be.” Snowflake asked as Tickles headed off to answer the door.

“Probably our first client.” Big Bear stated.

Seconds later Tickles walked back into the room.

“Hey look everyone it’s Angie Harmon.” Tickles exclaimed excitedly.

Standing in the door way holding a blushing Tickles’ hand was the 177 centimetre tall, black haired beauty and star of Women’s Murder Cub.

“Hey guys, been avid fan since your first blog, but when I heard you were starting a Murder Club I just had to come Down Under and congratulate you.”

The conversations carried on for several hours, a number of times Jen elbowed L.P. as he was caught mouth open ogling Angie who he’d loved watching on TV for more many years.

After saying good bye to Angie the crew returned to the office, Plopped themselves down in their chairs (leaving L.P. and Jen to stand) and made themselves comfortable.

“Well that’s another great days work. Day six of Murder Club is a resounding success.” Big Bear added.

To which Golly replied. “So that’s enough work for today, tomorrow we come up with a name.”