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Murder Club T…….



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“There is another delivery truck reversing down the driveway.” Tickles exclaimed as he walked into the office.

“What are we getting now?” Big Bear asked as if he didn’t already know and wasn’t asking just for the readers.

“You’ll find out in a few minutes if that guy can ever get the truck down the driveway.” Tickles answered pulling the venetian blinds back so they could see the truck.

They all stepped up to the window and watched as the driver nearly reversed the toy truck into the fence, drove forward, reversed until he had to jam on the brakes to avoid hitting the house, drove forward again, reversed again just missing the gate post stopped again to avoid hitting the fence, drove forward, reversed again, then stopped.

“What the hell is this guy doing?” Snowflake began, “It’s a twelve tonne toy with a box on the back and he can’t even reverse the thing straight. The guy ought to hand in his licence and go back to driving post vans.”

As the driver attempted to get out of his truck, only to find out that the door wouldn’t open and he couldn’t get out of the truck because he’d parked so close to the fence. Tickles added, “Driving like that he’d fit right in delivering the mail.”

As the driver had another go at shuffling his truck in the driveway the boofheads when back to their respective seats and waited for the delivery to actually happen. Twenty minutes later they heard the air brakes on the truck engage and the rattling of the rear barn doors of the truck open. Twenty minutes after that there was a large cardboard box sitting in the office and the sound of a truck leaving the driveway.

“So what is it?” Big Bear asked able to read the box but still making the story for the reader.

“Inside this box, “ Golly said as he started to open the box, “is our new toy.”

The all looked on in amazement

“You’ve seen them on CSI, you’ve seen them in movies, now we have out very own electronic whizz bang white board thingies.”

“You couldn’t have read the name off the box for the readers?” Tickles asked.

“Nope, that would mean I couldn’t have another lengthy scene where I get to talk more than you lot do, now let me finish!”

The room fell silent.

“Here we have our,” Golly looked around the room too see if he was building anticipation, satisfied the readers were anticipated he continued. “Electronic whizz bang white board thingie. Not only is it transparent and we can make all these wonderful electronic squiggles on it which don’t need rubbing out, together with the electronic table in the box over there that no one has mentioned we can throw images across the room and have them appear on both items. It’s so Hollywood!”

“WOW!” all three boofheads exclaimed in unison.

In no time all all the new whiz bang machines were set up, turned on and making the new office look very CSI.

“Hey look everyone.” Snowflake called from the whiteboard. “ I drew a picture of a birthday Cake for the prompt.

“Good thinking bear, we don’t want to miss out on another prompt. We might be incognito but we still need to make sure our new fans get their daily dose of T……..”

With a swipe of his right arm Golly cut Snowflake off mid sentence.

“Well that’s another great days work. Day five of Murder Club is a resounding success.” Big Bear added.

To which Golly replied. “So that’s enough work for today, tomorrow we come up with a name.”


  1. Where do you come up with such a silly but wonderful idea?
    Interested to see where this goes.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Thanks. The idea is somewhere between the two ears and falls out when I turn the computer on. I never know what’s going to fall out on the keyboard.

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