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“They’ve arrived.” Golly said walking into the recently built office shared by all four boofheads with a neatly wrapped package in his hand.

“What’s arrived?” Big Bear asked reclining backward in his desk chair with his white tattooed paw resting on the desk.

“Our new Private Investigator badges and identification.” Golly replied as he dropped the package on the desk next to Big Bear’s foot.
“We get our own badges and ID?” Tickles asked.

“Of course every good PI needs to be able to flash a badge and some fancy ID picture.” Golly remarked.

“But our identities are suppose to be incognito so that our new blog doesn’t get discovered.” Snowflake added to the conversation to remind the readers he was in the background.

Sliding out the top drawer of the desk Golly reached in and grabbed the Sportsmaster pocket knife. Flicking the blade open he began slicing through the masking tape seal of the package before flipping the lid upward revealing the contents of the box.

Inside the box was four identical black folded leather wallets. Golly reached in and grabbed the top wallet then flipped it open. Inside the wallet on one side was a silver shield with a green leaf border and the words “Private Investigator” proudly emblazoned in bright red text. On the opposite side of the wallet was a photographic ID card.

Handing the first wallet to Tickles Golly said, “Here you go sir, meet Mr. Adrian Carr.”

Flipping open the second wallet and handing it to Snowflake Golly recited the name on the ID. “And this one is for you Mr. Aaron Conners.”

Opening the third and fourth wallets together to make sure he was issuing Big Bear with the right wallet Golly then tossed Big Bear his ID and said. “This one’s for you Mr. Bruce Ward.”

As Big Bear caught his ID wallet in his right paw he stated, “And I suppose your my dear friend are one Mr Chris Jones?”

“Well I thought calling myself Tex Murphy might have been a bit obvious.”

“When do we get guns?” Tickles asked with a grin as the sound of the doorbell chime rang out through the new office.

“In about thirty seconds after someone answers the door.” Golly added.

“Are you kidding? Are the readers really going to believe that we can manage new cars on day two, a new office renovation started and completed on day three and gun and PI badges of day four?” Big Bear asked.

“Of course they will, we are cute, we are entertaining and we are stars. Besides if any of them start wavering Big Bear will start singing Total Eclipse of The Heart to distract them.” Golly said leaving the three boofheads behind as he headed for the door to get the latest delivery.

Upon his return Golly issued each boofhead with his new gun and holster before taking up a seat on the couch and relaxing.

“Well that’s another great days work. Day four of Murder Club is a resounding success.” Big Bear added.

To which Golly replied. “So that’s enough work for today, tomorrow we come up with a name.”