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He’d barely been at work ten minutes when the phone on his desk rang, he could tell from the number that it was an internal call. “Yo!” He called out as he picked up the receiver, knowing full well Tracey hated the staff using such greetings when answering telephones.
Her voice was low but audible, as if someone was in earshot and she didn’t want them to hear, “I know it was you arsehole.”
“Sorry Madam but you must have the wrong number!” Mike replied before hanging up on her. The phone started ringing almost immediately but Mike ignored it. After her fourth attempt to ring him Mike had had enough of listening the ringing telephone so he made a call of his own.
“Hey Danny, its Mike.” Danny Singleton owned Singo’s Truck & Bus Parts, where Mike purchased most of his parts. “I need you to fax me a quote for a complete brake set for a Kenworth K104G. Don’t skimp on the cost and add a little for your troubles, I don’t expect the quote to be passed anyway.” With the details organised they chatted further for a few minutes and by the time the conversation was over Mike had been offered a new job.
When Mike returned from morning tea there was a copy of Danny’s fax on his desk with “Quote refused. Use new supplier” scribbled in red ink across it. Tracey had told him several weeks previous that she’d sourced a cheaper supplier and despite Mike’s suggestion the cheaper, imported parts were not a good thing, the monetary savings was all Tracey cared about. He wrote across the bottom of the page “New supplier out of stock for five weeks, No27 needs brakes fixed now!!” He planned to deliver the edited fax to Bullshit Castle once Tracey left work.
Getting lunch orders for management was a task which had fallen upon the workshop since Tracey took over. Mike was not sure how that had happened but had never liked the idea and he liked it even less since becoming the only mechanic. Occasionally he could rely on a driver between runs to do the pickup but most days it was him who would have to break early slowing down his progress, just to jump in the work ute and fulfill managements commands.
The lunch order was sitting on Mike’s desk when he went into his office to make a call about some parts, he couldn’t recall seeing anyone deliver the order but he’d been paying such little attention to his job all morning he was not surprised.
The order was for a pick up from the Chinese Restaurant on the other side of town. There was only one meal on the order and Mike knew from the number of cars in the car park that the order was for Tracey only. He knew it was pointless complaining to her about taking him from his work so he came up with another idea.
It was a slight detour on his return trip to work but the bushy area near the wetlands was quiet and secluded which meant that Mike was able remove half the contents of the Chicken and Mushroom soup and top it off with his own urine without anyone else seeing. Upon arriving back at work Mike took a quick detour into the driver’s room and microwaved the soup to ensure it was warm throughout, he then delivered the feast to Bullshit Castle.
Waltzing into the main office with a smile on his face, in case someone else was present, he strode straight up to Tracey’s desk saw she was alone and dumped her meal on top of some paperwork, he then turned and headed for the door without saying a word.
As the door closed behind him he heard Tracey yell something but he didn’t stop he just walked on smiled and said to himself “Choke on it bitch!”
The following day when Mike arrived at work he was a little surprised to see the Mercedes parked inside the workshop, Tracey had told him 2 weeks ago she wanted him to rotate the tyres but he wasn’t sure if after the efforts of last few days she would still trust him to do the job.
“Geez you must neck deep in the shit and doing dog paddle mate,” Jimmy said as Mike wandered into his office. Mike wasn’t sure what he was talking about but Jimmy continued before Mike needed to ask. “I was just about to leave the yard, got two long hauls on today, yay overtime for me! Anyway Mega Mole calls me into the office and tells me I need to move the Merc in here. I told her I was busy trying to earn the company some money but as she threw the keys at me she muttered some shit about not trusting you to move it.”
“Ha. Doesn’t trust me to move her bloody car but trusts me to work on it. Yeah right, more like, she knows the company pays for the service if it’s done here and she doesn’t want to come face to face with me!”
“Geez not coming face to face with her is something we all wish for! Anyway I did my job, have a good day and don’t forget to shit in her front seat.” Jimmy laughed as he left the workshop and headed to his truck.
“It won’t be shit!” Mike said quietly to the empty workshop.
Mike did exactly what was requested of him, he rotated the tyres and he even checked the pressure in each tyre. He carried out his task like a model employee, expect for the part where he’d placed an open packet of fishing bait, a package he’d removed from his home freezer several nights previous which consisted of prawns, squid and tuna pieces, under the back seat.
The stink in the car wasn’t very strong and Mike was sure that for the trip home Tracey’s over powering perfume would mask any aroma, but the following days would be different and by Monday when he was back at work he was sure there would be hell to pay.
Mike enjoyed his weekend and apart from his usual hobby of fishing he’d spent some time on Saturday night peppering Tracey’s tin roof with stones and pebbles until she ran out the door screaming that she had a shotgun and was prepared to use it. Mike doubted there was any shotgun and doubted even more that she had the ability to use one properly but he’d got a reaction and that was all he wanted so he left happy.
Then on Sunday night under the cover of darkness again Mike let the air out of all four tyres on Tracey’s car and left the Mercedes sitting on its rims in her driveway. He then removed the valve from each tyre ensuring that even if Tracey did own a pump she would need more than just air to get to work on Monday morning.
Neither act was a fraction of what the bitch deserved but with each one Mike knew he was getting further under her skin.

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