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Murder Club What’s in a name?



Continued from here

“There seems to be a bloody racket coming from down the other end of the house.” Tickles stated as he walked back into the bedroom on his soft bean bag filled feet and jumped up onto the bed.

“I bought a credenza.” Golly said.

“A what?” Asked Big Bear.

“A credenza, a sideboard, a cupboard. A place for storing important documents.

“I know what one of them is. It was more of a shocked question that came out wrong and would have been better worded as ‘why did you buy a credenza?’” Big Bear responded with a smirk.

“Everyone knows that any detective worth his salt owns a credenza. Our Murder Club would be out of place without one.” Golly remarked.

“You’ve been playing Tex Murphy again haven’t you Goll?” Snowflake said as he made himself comfortable on Jen’s pillow.

“That’s what the brown trench coat and fedora in the closet are for isn’t it.” Tickles stated.

“Next he will be talking about a Sidewalk and not a bloody footpath.” Big Bear said through laughter.

“It’s all in the way you look. If we look like a good Murder Club people will trust us to be a good Murder Club.” Golly said in an assuring voice.

“Still sounds like an awful lot of noise for someone building a credenza.” Snowflake inquired.

“Oh they aren’t building the credenza,” Golly replied, “I built the credenza this morning just after it was delivered. Nothing to that job, few screws, the battery drill and Bob’s your mother’s brother. Looks good too even f I do say so myself.”

“So what’s all that noise?” Tickles asked.

“The builders.” Golly replied deliberately dragging the conversation out to for the readers who like longer reads, but not too far so as to turn away the readers who like short posts.

“What builder?” Snowflake asked, playing the same game.

“The builders building the extension.”

“What extension?”

L.P. edit: this could go on forever so it’s time for the out of his mind author to intervene.

*snip* Scene cuts to out four plush boofheads all cut and cuddly standing inside a new office, large teak desk in one corner, artwork on every wall, Golly’s new credenza against the wall and a lovely new carpet smell throughout.

“Geez, how long was that snip?” Big Bear asked.

“Virtually no time at all, but the new office was built under poetic license which meant we could do it during the change of scene.” Golly said with a smile.

“Well colour me stunned.” exclaimed Snowflake.

“And blow me down with a feather.” added Tickles.

“I even had them add a double garage for our new cars.” Golly chirped proudly.

“How did you get this extension past L.P. and Jen?” Snowflake inquired.

“That was easy, I sent them out for their anniversary.” Golly said.

“That’s all it took?” questioned Snowflake with surprise.

“Yep, and the fact that by the time they get home, and thanks to out poetic license snip, it will be too late for them to do anything about it.”

“Well that’s another great days work. Day three of Murder Club is a resounding success.” Big Bear added.

To which Golly replied. “So that’s enough work for today, tomorrow we come up with a name.”


  1. I used to love to play Tex Murphy. Loving this story.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      Thanks I have no idea where the story is going yet.

      I loved the early Tex Murphy’s (Golly’s actually been around to play all of them) but thanks to living in the land of the slow internet connection and limited downloads I didn’t get around to getting the Tesla Effect.

  2. We have a new litter of kittens and I think I might name one Tickles! I love that!

  3. lostpropertyrepository

    Russ make a plush tiger which has the name Tickles on the tag, that’s where the name came from but my Tickles will be proud to hear you’ve named one of your cats the same name. (My Tickles has a big ego).

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