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Murder Club The name revealed…..



Continued from: here

“What’s that noise?” Tickles asked from the bedroom.

“Those dulcet tones are the sweet sweet Melody of our own special Eleanore.” Golly said as he pulled back the bedroom curtains.

All four boofheads sat on the bed in awe as they watched L.P. reverse the pristine silver 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang Fastback off the trailer and drive it onto the yard in front of the window.

“Ford Cobra V8, seven litre, 428 cubic inches, two Holly four barrelled carbies, four speed transmission and over 400 break horsepower.” Golly said rattling off the specs of their new purchase proudly.

“And how did you convince L.P. we needed that?” Big Bear asked, “Last time I brought up the idea he wasn’t leaping off his chair.”

“For starters ‘he’ thinks it’s him, but since they got the final draft of the novel finished and paid for convincing him to splash a bit of cash on a luxury was quiet easy.” Golly replied.

“But how did he managed to convince Jen that buying us, I mean himself, a ‘67 Mustang was a fair thing?” Snowflake asked.

“Where were you this morning?” Golly replied answering a question with a question.

“Umm I was here somewhere, probably having a well deserved sleep in. Why what did I miss?”

“The low rumbling growls of a 186 red engine as it rolled down the driveway and into the back yard.”

“We got ourselves the FC as well?” Snowflake said excitedly.

“Correction, Jen got herself an FC Holden, just like L.P. got himself a ‘67 Fastback.” Big Bear responded cheerfully.


“Yep the exact one you picked out yesterday.” Big Bear answered.

“Woohoo.” Snowflake cheered excitedly before adding. “So now we have our daily driver and our ‘only driven to church on a Sunday by a little old lady’ beast.”

“So you did see Jen drive it in this morning.” Tickles responded through laughter.

“Well that’s another great days work. Day two of Murder Club is a resounding success.” Big Bear added.

To which Golly replied. “So that’s enough work for today, tomorrow we come up with a name.”


  1. My 67 Mustang was a yellow convertible. Wish I’d kept that car.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      I wish I’d had one 🙂

      A mate of my dad’s from this Air Force days brought his wife one years ago, restored it to all original except he painted and fitted it out with everything pink and the rego plates which were P51 because they both loved planes. When his wife died he managed to scatter her ashes out of a P51 over Bass Straight.

  2. I love imagining the bears!

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