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Murder Club



The Murder Club

“What are we doing here?” asked Big Bear the plush white polar bear with the green hat, green scarf and 2005 tattoo on his right foot.

“Since our blog got removed because the number of visitors kept crashing the server we are taking over this one.” Replied Snowflake the smaller plush white polar bear with the green hat and green scarf.

“You don’t think L.P. will notice?” Big Bear quizzed.

“Nah,” answered Tickles the cute plush orange and black stripped tiger with the bean bag hands and feet. “With the amount of crap he posts, he wont notice a few extra posts a week.”

“Besides,” started Golly, the gollywog with the yellow shirt, black pants and the ability to control people with just thoughts. “If we stay incognito and don’t post the usual stuff we should go pretty much undetected.”

“So that’s why the picture on the top of this post doesn’t look like us?” Big Bear asked.

“Yep, totally incognito!” Golly said confidently.

“So how are we going to run this so people don’t know it’s us and overload the server again?” Big Bear asked again making sure the readers at home know what was going on.

Almost as if he was taking a position of leadership Golly stood up. “We are going to start a Murder Club!”

Again for the benefit of the readers Big Bear asked Golly to explain further.

“Ok. Does everyone remember that show that used to be on tv called Women’s Murder Club.”

“The one with Angie Harmon in it? Oh yeah she’s cute.” Snowflake interrupted.

Golly continued. “Yes that one, we are going to do the same thing but instead of Women we are going to be Boofheads. However we do need to come up with a better name than Boofhead’s Murder club. We are going to run around town looking good, being good and solving murders. It’s going to make for mesmerising reading.”

“Do you really think we can pull it off?” Tickles asked, his usual air of arrogance slightly wavering at the thought of the task ahead.

“Of course we can.” Golly said matter of factly.

The noise around the bedroom was nearly deafening as the four little boofheads clapped loudly, which is no mean feat with plush hands and paws, and cheered at the prospects of their new career.

“So what’s our first task?” Big Bear inquisitively.

“Well we really need a better name but first things first we need cool wheels.” Golly stated.

“Oh I know.” said Snowflake happily, “lets get us a bad arse FC Holden. 3 speed manual column shift, hotted up 186 red motor, Dragway mags, twin exhaust, chrome all round and painted jet black.”

“So who’s been surfing Carsales?” Tickles replied with a laugh.

“I couldn’t help it, ever since that talk of a luxury car a few weeks back I’ve been trying to talk Jen into a new toy.”

“I love a good FC as much as the next boofhead,” Big Bear answered, “But given this is going international I think we need to go a bit more international with our choice.”

“Big Bear’s right,” replied Golly, “We need something Fierce, something tough something that will send a Shiver down the spines of those who see us. It also has to be something our international readers will recognise.”

“Eleanore is for sale.” Tickles said excitedly referring to the same model car that appeared in the Nicholas Cage remake of Gone in 60 Seconds which he’d found skimming Google on his phone.

“Well that’s settled.” all four said in unison.

“Yep, lets get the FC as well,” Snowflake said, “It can be our ‘only driven to church on Sunday by the little old lady in curlers and a black dress’ car.”

“So we ARE buying Jen a new car?” Tickles said with a smirk.

Laughter filled the room for a full minute before Golly interrupted with a a throat clearing ahem and said, “So that’s enough work for today, tomorrow we come up with a name.”


  1. And I thought they were going to commit murders….

    • lostpropertyrepository

      They have only just got their wheels, anything is possible from here on in.

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