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The Ultimate Boofhead Crossover



Another Boofhead crossover

For those already following me you’ll know I am the sanest person in existence, thanks largely to the efforts of Big Bear the plush white polar bear with the green hat, green scarf and 2005 tattoo on his right foot.

You’ll also know that my wife Jen who is not quite as sane and has an addiction to chocolate and sleeping on the hallway floor can attribute her sanity to the wonderfully cute and precious Snowflake, the small plush white polar bear with the green hat and green scarf.

But what you may not know is that our family is not complete with just the four of us. There is two more of us living in this house.

Now some people would wonder why two sane people would happily live with polar bears which do have a reputation for being one of the fiercest and most savage animals on the planet. But really the polar bears are the least of our worries (they are here to keep us sane) because when it comes to Fierce the other two occupants in the house are even more feared.

We also share the house with a Tiger, yet another fierce animal feared by many other animals. In a naming convention used to instil the fear and danger of such a wild animal our tiger is named Tickles. Tickles is a plush orange and black tiger with bean bag feet and the cutest brown eyes you’ve ever seen.

Our fourth occupant and probably the most feared of them all is Golly, he may be a cute gollywog, with a yellow shirt, black pants and a huge smile but beneath that soft exterior lays an twisted mind that loves to play get inside peoples heads.

For the record I am writing this post of my own free will. Tickles and Golly have not overthrown the master and taken over the computer in order for their own voices to be heard. They have not sat back for long enough watching Snowflake and Big Bear get all the stories and the kudos and decided it’s their time to shine. And apparently they don’t get jealous. Although I have this inclination, this wee thought festering in the back of my mind, that from now on my serial fiction is going to take on a new spin.

*Note: To protect the real identities of the new serial offenders the above image has been photoshopped. (although Tickles is a genuine Tickles).


  1. lostpropertyrepository

    What’s scary is I’ve not only admitted to having a voice in my head I’ve admitted to having four of them! They are screaming for a serial story too, problem is I have a prologue to write.

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