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Big Bear Episode 17

Big Bear serial fiction

Big Bear

Big Bear episode 16
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I was sitting at my computer desk quietly enjoying some downtime after a long day of editing. I’d been at my computer since just after breakfast time trying to make some edits that our editor insisted should appear in the new book. Neither Jen or I were entirely happy with the edits, a big reason why they were taking so long, but we also knew which side of the bread our butter was on, so to speak.

Jen had not long placed a steaming mug of black coffee and a slice of chocolate cake on my desk for afternoon tea when I heard the quiet footsteps of a familiar visitor behind me.

“How’s it going writerman?” said Big Bear, the plush white polar bear with the green hat, green scarf and tattoo on his right foot, as he jumped up onto the swivel chair beside my desk.

“Bloody slowly!” I said slightly frustrated but thankful for the conversation.

“Anything I can help with?” he asked as I took a large bite out of the chocolate cake Jen had left for me.

“That depends. Can you figure out why our budding hero, the guy with the rock hard abs, suit that never creases, hair that is never out of place and a gun that never misses, suddenly after five novels needs a son who is a circus clown with a god complex and three kids?”

“What?” was all the bear could say.

“That’s right, Gary rang yesterday and told us the book needs that change or it wont be printed.”

“Bloody brainless editors! How the hell are you supposed to make a twenty five year old super hero have a kid old enough to have three of his own kids, who have never come up before in the story, sound plausible?”

“Now you can see my problem.” I said sipping at my black coffee.

“Screw the stupid edit, I think you need a rest. Load up Chess.”

Thinking that Big Bear’s idea had merit I turned to the screen, grabbed the mouse and navigated my way to the Chess icon before double clicking it.

When the game loaded and asked me what level I wanted to play I clicked on Beginner, took another sip of my coffee and heard Big bear laugh.

“Amateur!” I heard from the seat beside me

“Excuse me?” I said.

“What’s with playing the kiddies version?” Big Bear said referring to my choice of level.

“It’s been a hard day and I’d like to see you do better.”

Saying nothing Big Bear reached over with his left paw, pushed the mouse until the cursor highlighted the words “High Score” and double clicked. (Which is a good effort for a bear with paws in case you’re wondering). Immediately the screen changed and I saw the high scores (or quickest win times to be exact) pop up on the screen. There was a top three scorers for each level and not only did Big Bear own all three spots on the level I was playing but he also owned the same spots for the levels of Intermediate and Expert.


  1. That is one smart bear. He should write the novel.

  2. lostpropertyrepository

    I offered him one of mine to edit too see if he was up for the task of writing but so far he keeps telling me he’s ‘busy’. Who knows what a plush polar bear does all day that he’s too busy to do some reading.

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