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The Ideal version.



Designed for Me

Yet again when I saw the discover prompt I delved into the memory banks to try and come up with something a little more factual rather than bothering with something fictitious. The problem I discovered was that over the years between my father and I we have designed and built so many things which were just for me (or us) I didn’t know where to start or end.

When our CD/DVD collection grew beyond the realms of sensible we knew we wanted something that not just housed the small plastic discs but fitted into the house as a nice piece of furniture not just a storage space. We searched high and low for the ability to store more than 500 DVDs and more than 600 CDs. The items available in retail stores were either imported pieces of roughly stuck together craftwood or they were quality hand crafted units which price tags to match. So the obvious solution was to design two identical units that fitted in with the other furniture in the house, were made of hardwood, constructed properly and allowed our collection to grow. Ten years on, both cabinets are still standing proudly in the lounge doing the exact job they were designed too do.

Whether it’s the ideal design or just a design that fits our purpose, I designed and built our steel frame patio. The patio extended the area of our home by another thirty two square metres. Knowing that we needed a reasonable ground surface underneath the patio roof I also designed the paving pattern for that area. Sure that doesn’t sound like much however the unique pattern was designed so that when standing at the garage door the initials of both my wife and I can be clearly seen in the coloured tiles.

I have designed lighting systems. I have designed reticulation systems. I have designed farm fences to make the most of paddock sizes and space. I have even designed a computer based system to help us maintain all the farm equipment and animals which was then launched as a business. All these things and many many more have been designed by myself, for myself and they have been ideal for their purpose.

However the one ideal version of something which I didn’t design or make and something I couldn’t improve on if I tried is my wife. She is the ideal person for me, she is the ideal mother for our children and even if there was something within the design that could be improved upon I wouldn’t admit it.
I can only hope that I can be the ideal version of something for her.


  1. This reminded me of my father. He also designed and completed projects, from garden improvements, furniture, artwork, etc.

    • lostpropertyrepository

      I used to think that I did it because I was making things more individual and unique. But then I realised I did it because I hate paying for things I can do myself.

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