Snowflake episode 14

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“It’s obvious she is still pissed at me for eating her chocolate.” Snowflake the cute little polar bear with the green hat and scarf said to Tickles the cute little tiger as they talked on the bed.

“Has she put the ladder back in the pantry yet?” Tickles asked.


“After all the schmoozing you’ve been doing, after all the sweet looks, and after all those cute little Eskimo kisses you’ve been giving her she still hasn’t forgiven you?”


“Geez imagine how she’d react if she knew it was you who knocked her out two weeks ago.”

“Yeah but thankfully she now suspects it was L.P.’s fault, still hasn’t figured out what he did but she’s blaming him. She’s so pissed with him he’s not getting something else, something that means more to him than chocolate.”