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Miniature Big Bear Episode 15

Big Bear serial fiction

Big Bear

Big Bear episode 15
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The sound came from behind me, reminding me yet again that there was someone that really wanted my attention.

Truth is I’d been ignoring Big Bear for nearly ten minutes. The plush white bear with the green hat, the green scarf and the 2005 tattoo on his foot had been trying to get my attention because apparently it had been too long since he’s had a blog post about him.

I felt something whizz past my left ear. A fraction of a second later I saw a small padded football slam into the wall beside me before it bounced off behind my computer monitor.

“Oh, hello there Mr Big Bear.” I said as I turned around in my chair and looked at him standing in the door. “What can I do for you on this fine day?”

“What can you do for me?”

“Yep that’s what I asked.”

Big Bear had obviously been working on his speech but the conversation was not going the way he planned and he had to change his ideas.

“Where is my blog post?”

“I don’t know, I thought you super mega stars with your own blog and thousands upon thousands of followers knew all about this blogging caper.”

“Don’t get smart, it doesn’t suit you. My series has been stopped at episode 14 for ages, you owe me more.”

Thinking for a few seconds making sure the situation didn’t escalate I decided to take the apologetic path.

“I’m sorry but I’d have things on my mind. Things even a Super Bear like yourself can’t fix.”

“I can fix anything.”

“Bear, I wish you could fix it. But in my defence the daily prompts haven’t really been that encouraging lately.”

“What about toady’s prompt then?

“Mr Big Bear, you are a lot of wonderful things, but miniature is not one of them.”

“Snowflake is smaller than me!”


  1. Lol, cute post. 🙂

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